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wafer cone machine
The wafer ice cream cone making machine is a machine that specialized in making the soft cone for ice cream.It is put the paste into the shape mold,then baking into cup,flower,cylinder and other shapes.

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The ice cream wafer cone machine is specialized in producing the cone for ice cream. It is flour-based, adding appropriate seasonings and water to stir into a dough, quantitatively added to the mold, then heated and expanded by a semi-automatic ice cream wafer cone machine. It can also be called an egg tray machine. For a cone shape, we can customize mold according to the customer’s production requirement.

Structure and working principle of wafer cone machine

The ice cream wafer cone machine include three parts:frame, mold and electrical parts

1.Frame body

There is mold on the top of the frame, and there is a slideway under the mold to facilitate the pushing and pulling of the mold. This sideway is convenient to take out the finished product, and also has the function of heat insulation. There is an electric box at the bottom, a swing rod device at the top, the upper die of the mold is connected to the front end, and the spring is connected to the rear end to balance the weight of the mold and make it stable on the rack body.

ice cream cone machine
ice cream cone machine
ice cream biscuit cone machine
ice cream biscuit cone machine
wafer cup making machine
wafer cup making machine


The mold is consists of the upper mold and lower mold. A core head is installed on the upper mold for pressing the dough into the lower mold; the lower mold is parallel to the upper mold. There are different numbers of molds with different outputs. When the machine working, pull the swing rod to make the upper and lower dies closed into a whole, each core head enters the die hole to form a cavity, and the injected dough is compressed into an egg tray-shape.

3.Electrical parts

The electric control box is under the frame, this part is to adjust and control the working temperature of the mold and protect the power.

Working video of ice cream wafer cone machine

Application of ice cream wafer cone making machine

For the ice cream cone-making machine, there are different molds to be chosen. And we also can customize mold according to the customer’s production requirement.

cone mold
cone mold

How to maintain the ice cream cone machine

1.Check all connections whether screw loose or damage before work every day.

2.You can add edible oil to the cores or lower molds for lubrication, and then turn on the electricity.

3. The residue inside the mold cavity should be cleaned regularly, and the track should be cleaned to prevent clogging.

Wafer biscuit cone machine precautions

1.Raw material paste should try to choose high-quality fine powder as raw materials

2. When first use the biscuit cone machine, there are maybe the odor and light smoke escape after heating. This is caused by the residual rust-proof oil, paint, and the adhesive of the insulation material scorching. It is normal and will dissipate after a while.

3. When baking for the first time, you can set the baking time to 90 seconds. Then observe the baked product. If it is raw, increase the baking time; if no, decrease the baking time. Note that when increasing or decreasing the baking time, 5s or 10s should be appropriate. And the temperature of the upper mold cannot exceed 250 degrees, the temperature of the lower mold does not exceed 240 degrees

4. If the demolding is not smooth, you can apply some mold-release oil to the core, but you don’t have to apply it every time.


Frequent answered questions

What is the capacity for the wafer cone making machine?

We have 2-60 heads machine,so the capacity will be different.

Can i customize the different size molds?

We have customized many shapes cones for customers, you can choose from them.Or if you have your own product size, we will customize for you.

Does the heating temperature can adjust?


Do you supply a recipe for making the cone?

Yes,we have recipe for customer

How many days will be the machine delivery after i place order?

If we have stocks for machine,and the mold that we have made before,we can delivery the machine about one week.

We have a different voltage from China,could you change it according to my local voltage?

Yes,sure,we can change the voltage.

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