Fully automatic ice cream wafer cone production line manufacturer

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The automatic mold cone production line is a high efficient machine for making mold ice cream cone, hollow wafer, wafer cups. It can meet different customer’s requirements for producing different shapes and sizes.

The automatic wafer cone production line is a highly efficient machine for making wafer ice cream cones, hollow wafers, and wafer cups. It can meet different customers’ requirements for producing different shapes and sizes.

This ice cream wafer cup processing machine is driven by the chain to achieve continuous and uninterrupted production of the baking mold. It has a high production output, and the output can reach 5000-9000pcs/h, which is suitable for the mass production of wafer cones by cone manufacturers.

Automatic wafer cone production line technical data

Machine ModelTZ-33
Gas Consumption6-8Cbm/hour
Voltage380V 50HZ 3PHASE
WeightAbout 10 ton
Automatic ice cream cone production line
Automatic Ice Cream Cone Production Line

Component of ice cream wafer cone production line

Batter depositor

The injection head has the same moving speed as the baking mold, so it can inject batter into the mold quantitatively.

Mold device of large ice cream wafer cup processing machine

For the mold part, we can customize different shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. The material of the mold is made of alloy cast iron, which is resistant to high temperatures and evenly heated so that the biscuit cone has a good forming effect. The molded cone is heated evenly, and the overall color of the baked egg tube is uniform.

Ice cream wafer cone production line working process
Ice Cream Wafer Cone Production Line Working Process

Transport device

For transport devices, we adopt that chain drive automatic cone machine. The molds are evenly distributed on the chain and move with the movement of the chain. The chain is placed on an upper and lower circular rail.

Heating device

For the automatic wafer cone production line, the heating part usually uses gas heating(natural gas heating and liquefied gas heating). Because the output and kinetic energy of this machine is very large. If using an electric heating way, energy consumption is huge, which will bring huge production costs to the ice cream cone manufacturer.

Large ice cream wafer cup processing machine advantages

High efficiency

Optional PLC control with touch screen HMI, continuous production of ice cream cones, the output is up to 5000-9000pcs/h in one hour

Less raw material waste

With automatic temperature control and electronic control of the batter feeding system, the baking pan made of cast iron alloy makes the heat distribution uniform, high molding efficiency, and less raw material waste

Use the wafer cone production line for a long time

We use heavy-duty drums for carrying the circulating bakeware parts. Heavy-duty rollers are filled with special high-temperature grease to extend maintenance intervals.

Reduce manual usage

This machine can automatically grout, bake, scrape, discharging, and arrange. This production line only needs 1~2 person to control the machine and manage the transfer of the discharge cone

Energy saving and environmental protection

The usage of stainless steel doors filled with thermal insulation cotton reduces heat loss.