Hard Serve Ice Cream Machine

hard ice cream

Hard serve ice cream machine is a machine that can make hard ice cream quickly. At Taizy Machinery, we have a professional hard ice cream machine for sale. Here is about the structure, classification, and usage of this machine.

Structure of hard serve ice cream machine

The hard ice cream machine is a kind of automatic electromechanical equipment specially designed for making hard ice cream. The structure of the hard ice cream machine includes a compressor, condenser, evaporator (the three are collectively referred to as the refrigeration system), mixing motor, reducer, material tank, circuit board, and the overall frame and shell.

Hard serve ice cream machine
hard serve ice cream machine

Classification of hard ice cream machine

Desktop hard ice cream maker

The hard ice cream maker machine is characterized by its small size, simple operation, convenient installation and use. If equipped with a small freezer, it can become a small factory for making boxed ice cream. It is widely used in stalls, workshops, unit canteens, restaurants, hotels, etc

Automatic hard ice cream maker machine

Full automatic hard serve ice cream machine is of stainless steel structure. Microcomputer control system. It is characterized by extremely fast freezing. The ice cream is molded in 15 minutes, and the expansion rate is more than 60%. The machine has safety door protection and automatic fault protection. High strength transparent door, which can observe the molding state of ice cream. Stainless steel grid feed port, can add nuts and other accessories.

How do I use the hard ice cream machine?

  1. Use a measuring cup to measure 2.5L pure water and pour it into a stainless steel barrel.
  2. Slowly pour the ice cream powder into the bucket containing purified water, and stir while pouring.
  3. Stir vigorously until the ice cream powder and water dissolve into a viscous liquid. The mixing time is about 5 minutes. If it is an electric mixer, the effect will be better.
  4. Pour the liquid into the ice cream machine after static operation.
  5. Press the start switch of the hard serve ice cream machine and adjust the refrigeration time to the best.
  6. After the ice cream stops, put the ice cream in the small box of the ice cream display cabinet, and then put it in the display cabinet to freeze for about two hours.
  7. After freezing, you can use a special scoop for hard ice cream to jam the ball, and then make delicious ice cream of all kinds.