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ice cream freezer
A continuous ice cream freezer is used for mass production of ice cream. It can form a big ice cream production line with filling machine.

The continuous ice cream freezer is a device used to continuously produce ice cream. The industrial continuous ice cream machine produces ice cream by stirring, mixing, and freezing ice cream raw materials and compressed air in a freezing cylinder. This commercial ice cream-making machine puffing rate can be adjusted to ensure the quality and efficiency of the ice cream. The Continuous ice cream freezing machinery can be used with ice cream filling machines and other machines to form a large-scale automatic ice cream production line. Compared with a small-batch ice cream maker, the ice cream continuous freezer can increase production output and reduce production costs.

Why do you need a continuous ice cream freezer?

For many ice cream shops, small-batch ice cream-making machines can meet normal commercial production. However, for large ice cream manufacturers, the intermittent ice cream freezer output is relatively small and basically cannot meet the demand for puffing. Therefore, it needs a continuous ice cream freezer to meet the demand for continuous production to expand production output.

How does the industrial ice cream maker work?

This industrial ice cream freezer is the best equipment for the mass production of ice cream. The continuous ice cream production machine adopts stainless steel for food machines and is easy to operate. The machine mainly mixes clean air with ice cream raw materials to obtain the corresponding puffing rate. At the same time, the continuous freezer ice cream machine stirs and cools the ice cream to create a vicious ice cream product.

Finally, the puffed ice cream is delivered to the outside of the pipeline through the pump. The expansion rate of the continuous ice cream freezer is adjustable, and the maximum can reach 100%. And the machine can realize continuous discharging, and the discharging speed is generally 15 minutes in batches.

Continuous ice cream making machine operation video

Industrial ice cream continuous freezing machine function introduction

The continuous ice cream freezing machine is mainly composed of an air filtration system, electrical system, freezing cylinder, refrigeration system, pump, and other structures.

–The air filter system is used to clean the compressed air and deliver the compressed clean air to the freezing cylinder through the pump. The air amount delivered to the freezing cylinder can be adjusted.

–A stirrer and scraper are installed in the freezing cylinder. The ice cream raw material enters the freezing cylinder through the pump and is mixed evenly with compressed air in the freezing cylinder and becomes viscous.

–When mixing ice cream raw materials and compressed air, the refrigeration system controls the freezing cylinder to become cold.

–In the process of producing ice cream, the electrical system controls all the actions of the machine.

Ice cream fruit jam feeder machine

The jam feeding machine could spray fruit, jam, and other ingredients onto the ice cream after the ice cream freezer. So it has a better taste.

  • Capacity: 50L/h
  • Speed can adjust.
  • Size: 800*920*1000mm
  • Weight: 150kg
Ice cream fruit jam feeder
ice cream fruit jam feeder

Small ice-cream continuous freezer technical

Input temperature2~4℃  
Output temperature≤-4℃  
Cooling water flow~0.6³/hr~0.7³/hr~0.8³/hr
Refrigerant volume(KG)33.54
Cooling typeWater cooling or air cooling  

Large continuous ice cream freezer specification

Input temperature2~4℃2~4℃2~4℃2~4℃
Output temperature≤-4℃≤-5℃≤-5℃-4~-5℃
Ice cream freezer
continuous ice cream freezer

Features of continuous ice cream making machine

  • The ice cream machine is a continuous ice cream-making machine. It can continuously produce ice cream, and the output can reach 1200L/H.
  • It has an independent refrigeration system with high refrigeration efficiency. The refrigeration system can adopt air-cooled and water-cooled systems.
  • All parts in contact with food of the continuous ice cream freezer are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The compressor adopts internationally renowned brands with stable and reliable working performance.
  • The machine is easy to disassemble and clean, which ensures the sanitary requirements of food processing.
  • A continuous ice cream freezing machine can control the pump capacity and the expansion rate of ice cream at best. It can meet the production needs of different customers and is the ideal equipment for making ice cream in the industry.