Automatic waffle cone production line | tunnel sugar cone machine

automatic sugar cone baking machine
Tunnel type automatic waffle cone baking machine is a fully automatic machine to produce crispy ice cream cone. it can produce waffle cones and sugar cones.

The fully automatic waffle cone production line is to produce a crispy ice cream cone. It can automatically spray, bake, shape, and arrange. The shape of the heating plate and the forming cone can be customized, so it can produce waffle cones and sugar cones.

This automatic sugar production line has a high degree of automation. The PLC screen controls the baking program with high precision, and the baking tray is durable. The full automatic waffle cone making machine is the first choice for a large-scale cone processing factory.

Fully automatic sugar & waffle cone production line video

Integrated waffle cone baking machine parameters


Tunnel type waffle &sugar cone production line production process

The waffle & sugar cone baking line includes a beating machine, pulping car, baking pan, rolling, conveying, and discharging.

Automatic cone baking machine production process
Automatic Cone Baking Machine Production Process

Ice cream waffle cone production line working principle

1. The stirred dough is delivered to the baking pans by the slurry pump.

2. The upper and lower plates of the baking plate are automatically closed, and the cakes are baked according to the preset thickness of the cakes.

3. When the baking plate turned to the position of the manipulator(it has been baked already), and the manipulator absorbs the baked cake sends them to the forming mold.

4. The forming mold rolls the cake into a cone shape, and then sends it to the conveyor belt for the arrangement

5. After the arrangement and counting, the conveyor belt transports the cones to another conveyor belt.

Tunnel automatic waffle cone production line
tunnel automatic waffle cone production line

Supporting device for full-automatic sugar cone machine


Waffle cone mixer
Waffle Cone Mixer

Mix water, flour, sugar, oil and other raw materials in proportion to form a flour paste

Maximum mixing volume: 200L
Voltage: 220/380V
Power: 4kw
Overall dimensions: 800*1650

V-shaped storage table

Waffle cone storage table
Waffle Cone Storage Table

Used to arrange the produced waffle/sugar cones for easy packaging

Specification: 1.5*0.45*0.7m
Machine material: 304 stainless steel


Waffle cone line converyor
Waffle Cone Line Converyor

Used to transport the cones to the assembly workshop

Specifications: 5*0.65*0.7 m
Voltage: 220V
Power: 0.75kw

Large waffle cone production line advantages

1. The PLC screen controls the operation process with high accuracy.

2. High degree of automation, overcome the shortcomings of manual operation process, can produce complete egg cones.

3. High production efficiency and stable performance.

4. All kinds of accessories on the machine adopt international standard accessories.


  1. What is the finished product made by this machine?——Waffle cone and sugar cone for ice cream.
  2. How many are needed in this waffle cone production line?——1~2 people, this is an automatic production line
  3. How do I choose the right machine for me?—— We will recommend a suitable model of machine for you according to your finished product and your production output.
  4. How long is the production time for the waffle cone baking line?——We will customize machines for customers according to the order sequence, generally within 30 days.
  5. How about delivery?——We can help you transport, or we can provide you with the size of the machine, you can consult the forwarding company yourself.