Semi-automatic ice cream waffle cone machine

ice cream cone machine
The waffle cone machine is a machine to make all kinds of ice cream cones.This machine is to make the flat pancake,then it can use various forming machine to form different shapes,Taizy not only supply the forming machine,but also supply the forming machine.The waffle cone machine has different models to be choosed.

The ice cream waffle cone machine is also called an egg roll-making machine. It can make egg rolls, various shapes cones, waffles, etc. The cone making machine can realize automatic paste, automatic temperature control, and uninterrupted production. The sugar cone machinery has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, low investment, and high profit. This semi-automatic waffle cone machine is an ideal machine for cone manufacturers and ice cream shops.

Commercial ice cream waffle cone maker application

This commercial ice cream waffle cone making machine is first heated paste into a flat pancake by heating plates and then pressed into shape by a molding machine. We can customize the heating plate patterns according to customers’ requirements, and we also provide different shape-forming machines so that customers can make different shape cones.

The ice cream cone machine can make cylinders, cones, egg rolls, waffles, sunflower cakes, crisp bowls, and other products.

Waffle cone machine final product
Waffle Cone Machine Final Product

Video of the ice cream waffle cone maker

The sugar cone ice cream machine capacity

Electric heating model

Piece thickness(MM)0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4
Piece size(MM)7-207-207-207-207-20
Weight (KG)250270300330360
waffle cone machine capacity

Gas heating model

Natural gas(cube)
Liquefied gas(kg)
Weight (kg)450550650750

Ice cream cone making machine construction

Semi automatic ice cream waffle cone machine structure
Semi Automatic Ice Cream Waffle Cone Machine Structure

Ice cream cone machine mixer

Ice cream cone machine mixer
Ice Cream Cone Machine Mixer

crispy cone mixer is used to mix sugar, flour and other raw materials

Cone grouting machine

Ice cream cone machine beater
Ice Cream Cone Machine Beater

The grouting machine uses an air compressor to connect to the grouting pump, and sprays the dough onto the heating panel through the grouting pump

Sugar cone machine heating plates

Crispy cone machine heating plates
Crispy Cone Machine Heating Plates

The heating panel is the most important part of the ice cream waffle cone machine. The batter is heated into pancakes through automatic temperature control.

According to the number of heating plates, we have 6 moulds, 9 moulds, 12 moulds, 15 moulds machines

Electric cone rolling machine

Crispy cone forming machine
Crispy Cone Forming Machine

The forming machine rolls the pancakes into sugar cones through high-speed rotation.It can roll one cone in one or two seconds,with high efficient.

We also have forming machines for making waffle baskets and egg rolls

The semi-automatic waffle cone making machine advantages

  1. The ice cream waffle cone machine can realize automatic paste, automatic temperature control, the thickness of the finished product is uniform, the texture is cleaned, and the board is not sticky;
  2. There are many models for customers to choose from;
  3. Each heating board can be controlled separately when one board has problems, other boards can continue to work;
  4. The upper and lower heating plates are thickened heating plates, which are resistant to high temperatures and are not easily damaged. The internal heating tubes are evenly distributed, the egg rolls are evenly heated, and the color is bright.

How to installed and commission the waffle cone machine

  1. Place the ice cream waffle cone machine in a flat position and adjust the anchor bolts to lift the casters off the ground. Check whether each part is installed well, connect the power cord;
  2. Then turn on the switch and the power indicator lights up;
  3. Insert the paste injection switch into the socket below the cone machine, and connect the air pipe to the air source;
  4. Turn on the running switch to turn the heating plate from left to right, and then turn on the heating switch, the temperature will be displayed on the temperature controller;
  5. Adjust the paste stick so that the paste nozzle is directly above the heating plate;
  6. Check the temperature on the temperature controller. When the heating temperature is the same as the preset temperature, turn on the paste switch and start paste.
Waffle cone machine
Waffle Cone Machine