Commercial hard ice cream maker| Gelato making equipment

hard serve ice cream machine
The commercial hard ice cream machine is also called Gelato making machine, It is a professional equipment for making hard ice cream.

Thecommercial hard ice cream maker provided by Taizy is used to make hard ice cream with a hard taste. Commercial hard ice cream has a small footprint, simple operation, and high production efficiency. The ice cream produced by the hard ice cream-making equipment can be placed in a display cabinet for display and freezing. According to the output and model, the commercial hard ice cream maker mainly has two models: desktop and vertical. The batch ice cream freezer has a simple operation. It is widely used in factories, ice cream shops, restaurants, streets, etc.

Machine introduction

Compared with soft ice cream machines, commercial hard ice cream maker have a larger output. Therefore, commercial hard ice cream machines are suitable for large restaurants and factories to produce hard ice cream. The hard ice cream produced by the machine can be placed in a freezer display cabinet and then made into ice cream balls for sale. Or it can make ice cream in bags for sale.

Hard ice cream application
Hard Ice Cream Application

Commercial batch ice cream freezer working principle

The working principle of the hard ice cream machinery is similar to that of the soft ice cream equipment. First, put the raw materials into the raw material tank, and the raw materials are mixed with air under the action of the air milk pump and transferred into the freezing cylinder. The puffed milk mixture is halved in the freezing cylinder and the temperature is quickly reduced, while its viscosity increases. When the ice cream viscosity increases to the required viscosity, the ice cream is pushed to the outlet under the action of the screw conveyor. Open the outlet and the ice cream is squeezed out.

Gelato making equipment
Gelato Making Equipment

Working video of commercial hard ice cream maker

How to use the commercial hard ice cream maker?

  • Mix ice cream powder and water and stir evenly. If you want to get a better taste of ice cream, you can add milk, sugar, seasonings, etc. to the raw materials.
  • Turn on the equipment power and put the ice cream raw materials into the feeding tank.
  • Turn on the refrigeration, after the motor starts, the digital screen displays the countdown. After three minutes, the compressor automatically starts and starts to make hard ice cream.
  • After the ice cream is made, the machine stops running.
  • Open the lock nut of the front cover, press the cleaning button, the agitator automatically pushes out the ice cream.
  • Catch the pushed-out ice cream using a container and place it in the freezer.
  • Re-tighten the front cover of the paper output and pour the raw materials into the cylinder to start making ice cream again.
Commercial hard ice cream maker
Commercial Hard Ice Cream Maker

Machine parameter

ModelRefrigerantTank volumeCapacitySizePowerWeight
TZ-618R224.3L*1 16L-20L/H0.53*0.5*0.7m1.4kw60kg
TZ-N28R22/R410 10L*128-32L/H 0.605*0.765*1.370m 2.3kw100kg
TZ-N45R22/R410 15L*138-45L/H0.605*0.765*1.37m2.8kw120kg
TZ-N60R22/R410 15L*150-60L/H0.605*0.765*1.37m3.55kw140kg

Advantages of gelato making machine

  • The cylinder body of the batch ice cream freezer adopts the direct cooling surrounding type, which can quickly cool the ice cream raw material into shape.
  • The commercial hard ice cream maker adopts a PCL control panel, which is easy to operate and accurate.
  • It adopts the Italian beltless reducer, which greatly reduces the working noise
  • The use of stainless steel hardened stirring shaft makes the stirring shaft more durable and increases the service life.
  • The commercial hard ice cream machinery has a large heat dissipation panel for faster heat dissipation.
  • The production speed is fast, it takes about 25 minutes to make a batch of hard ice cream.
  • In addition, the commercial hard ice cream maker also has the characteristics of fast cooling, wear resistance, and easy and safe operation.
Hard ice cream making machine details
Machine Details

Precautions for using the Gelato ice cream making machine

  • When moving or transporting the machine, the tilt angle should not be greater than 45°
  • When cleaning the commercial hard ice cream machinery, it should cut off the power before cleaning
  • While cleaning the body, avoid using water to rinse, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the machine itself
  • After turning off the compressor, if it needs to be restarted, it needs 3 minutes intervals.
  • The voltage used by the machine should be the same as the voltage displayed on the nameplate or within 10% of the difference
  • The power socket used by this hard ice cream equipment should be three-phase. And it cannot use the same socket as other household appliances.

How to clean the hard ice cream-making equipment?

The cleaning steps and cleaning range of the hard ice cream-making equipment are similar to those of the soft ice cream machinery. They all clean the body, refrigeration cylinder, and condenser of the ice cream machine. The specific cleaning steps can refer to the cleaning of the soft ice cream machine.

Hard ice cream
Hard Ice Cream

How to maintain hard ice cream making machine

It is the best way to ensure a long time use and a good cooling effect if it has a correct cleaning and maintenance. How to maintain a commercial hard ice cream-making machine?

  • Clean and maintain the machine regularly. Apply lubricating oil to the accessories as required to improve the stability and life of the machine.
  • The wearing parts should be replaced regularly, such as the sealing ring to prevent the machine from being unable to run due to damage to the parts.
  • Professional and fixed personnel should be used to operate the hard ice cream machine. Achieve pre-job training and regular training during the job.
  • When the machine fails, you should find a professional maintenance expert to repair it to prevent greater damage.