Wafer Tea Cup Making Machine | Wafer Coffee Cup Machine

commercial wafer tea cup making machine for sale
Wafer tea cup making machine can produce wafer tea cups and coffee cups. The tea cups or coffee cups produced can be used to hold ice cream, fruits, and other raw materials.

Wafer tea cup making machine is the machine that can make wafer tea cup and wafer coffee cup machine. In our company, we have both manual wafer tea cup machines and automatic wafer tea cup machines for sale. Next, you will see the introduction of the automatic edible tea cup making machine and the working process of the manual wafer tea cup maker.

Why invest in wafer tea cup cups?

The wafer cup is not only suitable for ice cream, but it is also suitable for coffee, various cold drinks, fruits, and other fillings. It can be produced in large quantities by a commercial wafer tea cup-making machine. Therefore, this sweet and delicious wafer cup is popular in India, Sri Lanka, Europe, and other places. Due to the wide application of wafer cup, our company specially launched a wafer tea cup making machine.

Working video of manual wafer tea cup making machine

Wafer tea cup characteristics

The wafer tea cup is a popular product in recent years. It is an edible coffee cup. It can hold tea and coffee like a paper cup, and it won’t get wet. The wafer cone cup has a sweet smell, which can be tasted when drinking tea or coffee. Since it is edible, you can also consume it directly after drinking tea or coffee.

Wafer tea cup
Wafer Tea Cup

This coffee cup is degradable and edible, so its appearance and use are environmentally friendly. This edible teacup has been promoted on airlines. Edible wafer cups have broad application scenarios.

How to make coffee cup by using wafer tea cup making machine?

The commercial wafer tea cup making machine mainly forms a tea cup in the mold. First, wipe the mold clean, and then close the upper and lower molds. Set the preheating temperature on the temperature control table. The upper mold temperature is generally 220°C and the lower mold temperature is 200°C. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, open the upper and lower molds, and pour the adjusted batter into the molds for baking.

Wafer tea cup making machine
Wafer Tea Cup Making Machine

Before baking, applies release oil evenly to the mold and core to prevent adhesion. Then pour the batter into the lower mold and close the upper and lower molds for baking. The machine has an automatic timing function, which can set the baking cycle to 90 seconds.

When the baking time reaches the set temperature, the bell on the machine will ring, and then can open the mold to get the molded teacup.

Commercial wafer tea cup making machine features

  • The operation of the wafer cup machine is very simple. It only requires people to pour the batter into the mold, and then close the mold to heat it. The mold controls by a chain connection, and the mold can be closed by gently pulling it.
  •  The heating time and temperature of the machine can be set according to requirements.
  •  It has a variety of models, it can produce 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and multiple cones at one time. Therefore, customers can choose the right type of machine according to their own production output.
Multi capacity commercial wafer tea cup machine
Multi Capacity Commercial Wafer Tea Cup Machine
  • The tea cup can fill with ice cream, fruits, coffee, and other raw materials. Therefore, the machine can also be used with an ice cream machine.

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