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The wafer cup cone machine can achieve batter injection, baking, and discharge function automatically. It can produce all kinds of wafer/cake cup cones.

The automatic wafer cup making machine is one of the best-selling products of our factory. It is mainly used for producing various hollow wafer products, which can realize the functions of automatic paste injection, baking, and forming into a shape, automatic discharging, and cooling. The edible coffee cup machine is easy to operate and has a large baking output. Therefore, it is widely used in tea restaurants, coffee shops, and snack food factories.

Application of wafer cup cone machine

The automatic ice cream wafer cup making machine can produce all kinds of wafer cones, such as sweet wafer cones, edible wafer coffee cups, edible shooters, dipped waffle coffee cups, wafer tea cups, etc. So, if you are finding a machine to make these cups, this machine can meet your needs.

Wafer cup cone machine application
Wafer Cup Cone Machine Application

Also, we not only supply all kinds of cone molds for customers to choose from. We also can customize the mold according to the cone shape, size, and capacity provided by the customer.

How is the automatic wafer cup cone machine work?

The automatic wafer cone baking machine is mainly composed of a feeding system, baking system, conveying system, and power system.

Ready to work

Before baking, first, prepare the mixed batter and put the batter into the inlet. It is worth noting that the feeding system contains a stirring function, which can mix the materials evenly.

Batter injection

The automatic ice cream cone wafer machine adopts a PLC automatic control system, which can precisely control the amount of grouting and ensure that the shape of each cone to be baked is uniform.

Baking cones

During baking, you can set the baking temperature and time by yourself. When the set baking time is reached, the baking stops automatically.

Automatic wafer cup cone machine
Automatic Wafer Cup Cone Machine

Automatic discharge

Press the mold open button, the upper mold rises and separates from the lower mold. After baking, there will be residue on the mold, and the automatic scraper will scrape the residue out.

After that, the lower mold will be automatically discharged following a sequence and the cone will be automatically unloaded on the conveyor belt below.

Convey cones and cooling

The conveyor belt moves slowly to achieve a cooling effect when transporting the cone.

Wafer ice cream cone manufacturing machine operation video

Automatic edible wafer cup making machine parameters

Max Capacity1200-2400pcs/h2500-3000pcs/h5000-6000pcs/h

At present, we mainly supply three capacity wafer cup machines. 40F can produce 40 wafer cones at one time, and the output can reach 1200-2400kg/h.

Ice cream wafer cup making machine
Ice Cream Wafer Cup Making Machine

Features of automatic ice cream wafer cup cone making machine

1. One machine can realize the process of automatic grouting, baking, forming and demoulding, reducing manual operation;

2. Using PLC touch screen to automatically control the entire operation process, precisely control every operation step;

3. The baking time can reach 1-2 minutes once, with characteristics of rapid forming, large baking output;

4. We provide more than 20 kinds of baking molds, provide you with a variety of production options. And we also can customize molds according to customer requirements;

5. The whole wafer cup machine is stable in operation and low in noise.

FAQ of wafer cup making machine

  1. Can we print our company’s logo on cones?–Yes, we can customize it for you.
  2. Can I change the voltage for the machine?–Yes, we will change the voltage according to the customer’s local voltage.
  3. How can you help deliver the machine?–We have a cooperate shipping company, they can help you deliver the machine, safe and fast.
  4. What about machine warranty?–We supply one year warranty.
  5. What about the production time?–About 20 days