How to make a crispy waffle cone?

crispy waffle cone machine storage

The waffle cone has a golden color and a crisp and sweet taste. It can be eaten alone or with ice cream. Do you know how to make a waffle cone at home and keep it for a long time?

Required raw materials

High-gluten flour 20g
Low-gluten flour 70g
Milk powder 20g
2 eggs
50g caster sugar
2g salt
Vegetable oil 50g
120g milk
Black sesame seeds

waffle cone making materials
waffle cone making materials

Waffle cone making steps

  • Prepare all the ingredients for use
  • Mix vegetable oil, fine sugar, black sesame seeds and add two eggs
  • Keep stirring the ingredients until the sugar is dispersed
scrispy waffle cone making step
scrispy waffle cone making step
  • Add milk several times, each time the milk and sugar oil are not completely mixed before adding the next time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of oil-water separation.
    Note: The milk added should be warm milk instead of cold milk. This is because milk is low in temperature and does not easily blend with fat.
waffle cone making process
waffle cone making process
  • Sieve all powder materials twice to filter out small particles and then pour them into the liquid. When stirring, you should stir back and forth instead of always beating in one direction, so as not to increase the gluten of the flour.
  • Put the adjusted batter into the funnel and filter to make the batter appear delicate
  • Scoop a spoonful of batter on the egg roll machine, spread it out evenly, and then close the lid
  • When the color of the egg roll becomes between light brown and dark orange, roll the egg roll in a mold while it is hot. The omelet is set after it is cold, and it is not easy to roll into shape.
  • Put the rolled waffle cone on the hollow shelf to dry, so that the heat of the waffle cone can be fully radiated so that the waffle cone can remain crispy.
waffle cone
waffle cone

How to keep waffle cone crispy?

The waffle cones should be eaten after the first preparation. However, we often make excessive amounts of waffle cones for next consumption. In commercial production, large quantities of waffle cones are often produced. therefore. How to preserve the waffle cone and keep it crispy? You can cool the prepared waffle cones and put them in a plastic bag or container, and then put them in the refrigerator. This will keep the waffle cone crispy for a longer time.

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