Some Interesting Knowledge About Wafer Cup Machine

Many people have eaten ice cream waffle cones, which are liked by many people because of their crispy texture. Nowadays we also know that ice cream waffle cups are made by the ice cream wafer cup machine, but do you know its origin?

Ice cream cones coles
ice cream cones coles

The origin of ice cream wafer cups

In 1904, an ice cream vendor in the St. Louis Expo Park initially served ice cream for sale in ordinary cups and saucers. But by noon, all the cups and saucers had been used up. Next to the ice cream vendor, a vendor from the Middle East was selling a Middle Eastern dessert called Zalabia.

Just when the ice cream vendor didn’t know how to handle the afternoon’s business, Ernest rolled his Zalabia pancakes into a cone. The Zalabia was then transformed into an ice cream cone, and the wafer cone was born.
Today, there are two types of ice cream cones, one is the standard cone on the left in the picture above. This cone is very uniform in appearance and the production process is very simple, with the batter being poured into a mold, heated, and shaped before leaving the mold.

Ice cream cones
ice cream cones

How to make an ice cream cone with a wafer cup machine

Good ice cream is served in wafer cups, it does not become soft and fluffy. Therefore, the process of making this kind of wafer cone will be a little more complicated. Next, we will show you how to make these ice cream cones with a wafer cup making machine.

Wafer cup machine
wafer cup machine
  1. Baking tray

During the production process, the batter will be put on the baking tray first. The mold of the baking tray is grid-shaped, and when the batter is formed, it will have a grid pattern.

  1. Tunnel oven

The batter placed on the baking tray is first covered with a panel and then conveyed into the tunnel oven. The tunnel-type oven is a kind of equipment that uses long box hot air circulation and far-infrared drying for baking. It is mainly to cope with the demand for baking and drying with high output and efficiency requirements.

  1. Egg roll forming machine

After the batter is baked, the panel above will open. Then, the robot arm will send the baked batter to the omelet-forming machine. You can understand that the baked pastry will be fed into the conical mold in turn. In fact, there will also be a special arm on the omelet forming machine to receive the pastry and quickly roll it into a cone. The rolled waffle cone will fall from the outlet of the omelet-forming machine.

Wafer coffee cup maker
wafer coffee cup maker

Finally, The dropped cones will be slowly pushed to the end, which is to leave enough time for the cones to cool down. Some of them also go directly to the cooling tunnel, so that the ice cream waffle cone made by the wafer cup machine is finished.

Application of edible wafer cup making machine

In addition, our ice cream wafer cone machine can also be used as a wafer coffee cup making machine to make coffee cups. It can also be used as a wafer tea cup machine to make wafer tea cups.

Edible wafer cup made by wafer cup making machine
edible wafer cup made by wafer cup making machine

Do you need this multifunctional edible wafer cup making machine? If you need it, please feel free to contact Taizy ice cream machine manufacturer and we will get back to you as soon as possible.