Some Interesting Facts About the Ice Cream Cones Machine

Ice cream cones coles are generally known as crumbly cone-shaped pastries. It is usually made from wafers with a texture similar to a waffle. Types of ice cream cones include wafer cones (or cake cones), waffle cones, and cones. Over time, many styles of cones have appeared on the market, including pretzel cones and chocolate-coated ice cream cones coles (with a coating on the inside).

Ice cream cones coles
ice cream cones coles

Source of ice cream cones coles

At the 1904 St. Louis World Expo, an ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups. He bought a waffle from a nearby waffle vendor. Then he rolled the waffles into a cone to hold the ice cream. So far, the ice cream cone has slowly spread.

Do you know how ice cream cones are made?

There are two main techniques for making ice cream cones Woolworths: one is to bake them flat and then quickly roll them into shape (before they harden). The other is to bake them in a conical mold, that is, use the ice cream cones machine to make ice cream cones. This is a more efficient and simpler method. Next, we will introduce you to this ice cream cone making machine.

Waffle cone
waffle cone

Product details of Taizy ice cream cones machine

Taizy’s commercial ice cream cone machine is made of high-quality food grade stainless steel. According to the production needs of different customers, we have designed different types of ice cream machines: fully automatic ice cream cone making machine, semi-automatic ice cream cone machine, and ice cream wafer cone machine. We have different cone molds for you to choose from, so you can use our machine to make different styles of ice cream cones. At the same time, we can also customize the cone molds for you.

Ice cream cones making machine
ice cream cones making machine

Characteristics of the commercial ice cream cone machine

  1. Food grade stainless steel materials.
  2. Large capacity and low energy consumption.
  3. Fast baking speed: 1-2 minutes.
  4. Easy to operate and clean.
  5. Low noise, large capacity, and low power consumption.
  6. The taper can be customized. Specific marks can be engraved on the cone.
Rolled sugar cone machine
rolled sugar cone machine

Workflow of semi-automatic ice cream cones machine

  1. Brush some oil on the upper and lower die surfaces.
  2. Adjust the temperature control knob to heat the mold.
  3. When the temperature rises, pull the upper mold and close the lower mold.
  4. Pour the liquid into the bottom mold.
  5. Match the upper and lower molds together.
  6. Wait a minute or two for the soft-serve ice cream cone to form.