Rolled sugar cone baking machine | ice cream cone machine

rolled sugar cone machine
rolled sugar cone machine

The automatic rolled sugar cone machine is equipment specialized in producing ice cream sugar cones. It can complete automatic feeding, baking, and forming. The finished crispy sugar cones are uniform thickness, uniform shape, and good farming conditions. This sugar cone baking machine consumes less energy, has low investment cost and high production efficiency. It is the best choice for sugar/waffle cone processing plants.

automatic rolled sugar cone machine
automatic rolled sugar cone machine

Technical parameters of automatic rolled sugar cone making machine

Gas Consumption4Kg/h 
Cone Size(22.5 degrees)
Note: We can customize molds
according to customer’s requirement

How does the rolled sugar cone machine work?

Machine component

1.Barrel. The barrel is used to store the prepared batter, the ingredients of the batter will directly affect the taste of the formed cone.

2.Slurry pump. The slurry pump directly connects to the barrel and is used to transfer the dough in the barrel to the heating plate. And the pump will quantitatively transfer the dough to each heating plate.

3.Turntable heating plate. The turntable heating plate is the main part of the rolled sugar cone machine. The heating plate rotates at a certain speed. When passing the conveying pump, the conveying pump delivers the batter to the heating plate. Then the heating plate rotates and the upper and lower heating plates are closed. When the heating plate rotates one circle, the batter is just baked and the upper heating plate is turned on.

4.Manipulator. The manipulator mainly transports the baked flat cake from the plates to the forming rod. After the heating plate rotates one circle, the upper heating plate turns on automatically and then circulates. The manipulator will adsorb a flat cake on the top of the heating plate. Then the conveyor of the manipulator transfers the plat cake to the forming rod.

5. Forming rod with forming cone. The forming rod will form cake into the sugar cones with forming cone.
After the manipulator transfers the flat cake to the forming rod, the forming rod rotates a circle with cake and automatically forms.


Automatic rolled sugar cone baking machine production process

  1. Beat the dough with the beater and put it in the barrel for later use;
  2. The slurry pump is connected to the barrel to quantitatively deliver the slurry to the rotating heating plate;
  3. The upper and lower heating plates are closed to heat the dough and rotate around the axis;
  4. When rotating to the position of the manipulator, the upper heating plate turn on automatically, and the heated already cake are adsorbed to the manipulator;
  5. The manipulator transfers the cake to the forming rod for forming into cones.

Working video of rolled sugar cone making equipment

Automatic rolled sugar cone making machinery advantages

  1. The high degree of automation, can automatically slurry, bake, and form into cones, which greatly increases production output;
  2. We can customize different angles ice cream cones according to customer’s requirement;
  3. Low energy consumption, low production cost, and small floor space;
  4. The rolled sugar cone making machine component adopts internationally well-known brands, electrical appliances and inverters are mainly Schneider;
  5. The whole sugar cone machine is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and can use for a long time.
ice cream sugar cone baking machine
ice cream sugar cone baking machine


  1. Is it possible to customize the mold according to our finished product——Yes
  2. What is the finished product that can be made?——Crispy ice cream cones
  3. Can you recommend the size you sell most often?——Yes
  4. How long is the production time?——About 20 days
  5. Can we engrave our logo on the cone?——Yes, we can customize it for you.

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