2400pcs/h sugar cone machine shipped to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka sugar cone machine
Our semi-automatic sugar cone making machine has been welcomed by Sri Lanka customer due to its high degree of automation, low investment cost and large production output. He ordered a set of machines from us to replace his two old sugar cone making machines.

The semi-automatic sugar cone machine can complete the processes of automatic feeding, baking, and forming. It has characteristics of a high degree of automation, low energy consumption, and long service life. It can continuously produce ice cream cones. The investment cost of this cone machine is low, and you can quickly get a return after purchasing this cone machine. It is one of the best-selling cone machines in our factory. We recently delivered a sugar ice cream cone machine to Sri Lanka.

What does the Sri Lanka Sugar Cone machine include?

Our semi-automatic sugar cone making machine includes a beater and a cone making machine. The beater is used to mix flour, sugar, and other raw materials. The main forming machine can automatically grout, bake, and forming. However, the sugar cones finally produced by the semi-automatic sugar cone maker need to be arranged and packaged manually.

Sugar cone machine dough beater
Sugar Cone Machine Dough Beater
Sugar cone machine main part
Sugar Cone Machine Main Part

Why the Sri Lanka customer ordered the ice cream cone machine

The customer is an ice cream cone manufacturer in Sri Lanka, and he mainly sells ice cream cones to his local and exports to neighborhood countries. He owns two semi-automatic sugar cone making machines. His two machines are very old, they make a lot of noise, and they consume energy. Therefore, he wanted to find a machine that could replace two semi-automatic cone making machines and consume less power.

He asked us for an inquiry about a full automatic sugar cone processing line. According to his production plan and his budget, we recommend him a semi-automatic sugar cone production machine. The purchase cost of this machine is lower than that of a fully automatic production line, and the production output is not much less than that of a fully automatic sugar cone production line. Based on our recommendation, he finally bought a semi-automatic sugar cone machine.