Waffle, sugar, cake cone, which is best for you?

wafer,suagr,cake cone
Ice cream cones can increase the texture and taste of ice cream. There are three types of ice cream cones:waffle cone,sugar cone,cake cone.Do you know how is they like,what is the difference?

In summer, ice cream is the best food to cool off heat. The deliciousness of ice cream is also not to be denied.Cones can enhance the taste and texture of ice cream, and cones are equally important.

Today, ice cream cones have become a standard feature in ice cream shops. We can see that there are many different shapes of ice cream cones, they are unified into three categories. Waffle cone, sugar cone, and cake cone.

Waffle cone

The waffle cone is the most classic ice cream cone. It has an irregular top and a sharp bottom. The waffle cone is medium to dark caramel brown and has a crunchy texture. They can be rolled up by an egg roll machine, or they can be formed automatically by an automatic egg cone machine production line. The wide side of the waffle cone can add toppings, fruit slices, nuts, oatmeal, etc., and will not overflow.

Waffle cone
Waffle Cone

Sugar cone

Sugar cones are similar to but different from waffle cones. The sugar cone has a complete cone shape with a flat top. Sugar cones are crispier and sweeter than waffle cones. It is harder and more crispy than the waffle cone, so it is more suitable for long-term storage of ice cream. In the hot summer, when your ice cream starts to melt, the sugar cone will not become wet.

Sugar cone
Sugar Cone

Cake cone

The cake cones are light golden-yellow, neutral-flavored wafer cups, and their texture is crispy. They are generally cup-shaped with a flat bottom and will not leak from the bottom when serving ice cream.The cake cone has the most subtle flavor of all the cones, so it can be matched with any flavor of ice cream.

Cake cone
Cake Cone

All three cone types are made from a base of wheat flour, tapioca flour and sugar. Wheat flour for structure, tapioca flour for chew, and sugar for sugar.These materials perfectly combine sweetness and crispy taste, and have a unique flavor when eaten with ice cream.

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