How is the wafer coffee cup machine work?

edible wafer cup making machine
The wafer coffee cup machine can produce ice cream cones, wafer biscuits, coffee cups, and wafer food. This machine has multiple modes.

The wafer coffee cup machine can produce ice cream cones, wafer biscuits, coffee cups, and wafer food. This machine has multiple modes, and it has easy operation, suitable for small plants and sweet food shop use. The wafer coffee cup produced by this machine is sweet, delicious. And customers could also match this machine with other ice cream wafer cone machines to form an ice cream wafer cone production line.

Wafer coffee cup usage

The wafer coffee cup is made with wheat flour, sugar, tapioca starch, oil, eggs, and other raw materials. The finished wafer cup has multiple usages.

  • Ice cream cone
  • Coffee cup
  • Wafer biscuit
Wafer coffe cup machine application
wafer coffe cup machine application

Working principle of wafer coffee cup machine

The ice cream crispy egg tray machine uses flour as the raw material to produce a beautiful and edible puffed egg tray, which is an ideal container and supporting equipment for ice cream or other similar foods. For our company’s egg tray machines and series of products, the molds of the same species can be replaced with each other and can be configured to match a variety of egg tray shapes with one machine for exchange to achieve the function of producing egg trays of different shapes. The egg tray machine is designed with humanity, simple operation, convenient and practical.

Working of Wafer coffee cup machine

Mold cavity heating: Wipe the mold cavity dirt clean and close the mold. Pre-adjust the baking temperature on the temperature controller. The new machine generally temporarily sets the upper mold to 220°C and the lower mold to 200°C and then energizes to increase the temperature until it reaches the set temperature (about 30-40 minutes). At this time, there may be a small amount of peculiar smell and light smoke escaping from the mold. This is caused by the scorching of the remaining anti-rust oil, paint, and adhesive in the heat insulation material. The new machine is a normal phenomenon, about 1 -It will evaporate clean in 2 hours. If it exists for a long time or becomes more and more concentrated, it should be shut down for inspection.
Trial baking: Raise the upper mold, push open the lower mold, wash away the rust-preventing oil and dirt remaining in each cavity and core head, and evenly spray the mold release oil (edible atomized silicone oil or refined degreasing oil), Close the lower mold, add batter to each cavity with a feeder, and cover the upper mold. Set the time to 90 seconds as the baking cycle. When the electric bell reports the news, the mold can be opened.

Scenes of wafer coffee cup machine
scenes of wafer coffee cup machine

Wafer coffee cup maker Operation steps

  • Place the machine flat on the surface of the water platform and not tilt it.
  • Connect the power supply, set the temperature of the upper and lower molds, and then wait for the temperature to rise.
  • After the temperature rises, the upper mold is pulled up and the lower mold is closed.
  • Pour the paddle material, and then press the upper mold down and close the lower mold. After about one to two minutes, the egg tube can be formed.
  • Pull the upper mold up and the lower mold open, the egg tube will automatically fall into the channel below and slide out.
  • Repeat the above, clean the upper and lower molds in time, keep them clean, and then unplug the power supply.