Difference Between Hard Ice Cream Maker and Softy Ice Cream Machine

different ice cream making machine

Nowadays, people’s demand for catering and leisure items is increasing. Especially in summer, air conditioning, ice pop, and ice cream have become an indispensable part of people. At the same time, this also provides a huge market for ice cream machines. And the softy ice cream machine becomes a rigid demand for every restaurant. It has become a habit for everyone to have ice cream after eating. Today, we will discuss the difference between a soft ice cream machine and a hard ice cream maker.

Ice cream
ice cream

Difference between soft ice cream machine and hard ice cream maker operation

  • The operation of soft serve ice cream is much simpler. Because soft ice cream belongs to the ice cream that can be eaten with the simple operation of the machine. The production dimension of the product is generally at 5-0 degrees Celsius, and it can be eaten without long freezing.
  • The operation of hard ice cream machine is a little more complicated. If you want to eat hard ice cream, then you need not only machine operation but also low-temperature freezing. The temperature needs to be below 0 degrees Celsius to allow the milk syrup to freeze.
Hard ice cream making machine details
hard ice cream making machine details

The difference in taste between soft ice cream and hard ice cream

  • A soft serve ice cream machine requires a puffing system to allow the milk paste to blend well with the air. This makes the ice cream fluffy and delicious.
  • hard ice cream equipment needs to freeze the milk paste at a low temperature. The taste is hard compared to soft ice cream.
Soft ice cream and hard ice cream
soft ice cream and hard ice cream

The process of making ice cream is different

  • Taizy automatic soft serve ice cream machine is easy to operate. You just need to pour the ingredients into the bin and set the freezing temperature. When the internal temperature reaches the set temperature, pull down the handle to get a delicious soft serve ice cream.
  • If you want to get hard ice cream, first you need to put the ingredients into the ingredient bin. The ingredients will be mixed with air by the air milk pump of the hard ice cream maker and transferred to the freezing tank. The puffed milk mixture is halved in the freezing cylinder and the temperature decreases rapidly while its viscosity increases. When the ice cream viscosity increases to the desired viscosity, the ice cream is pushed to the outlet by the screw conveyor. Then open the outlet and the ice cream will squeeze out.
Hard ice cream maker and soft ice cream maker
hard ice cream maker and soft ice cream maker


Regardless of the type of ice cream machine, it needs regular maintenance and regular cleaning.


Through the above analysis and the summary of the usual use of experience, we know that the soft serve ice cream maker and the hard ice cream machine are different,. We should choose according to their own needs.