Where to buy a commercial ice cream cone maker?

multi ice cream cones made by the cone maker

The commercial ice cream wafer cone maker is mainly used for making ice cream wafer cones, widely applied in various snack shops. Such as restaurants, cake shops, coffee shops, beverage shops, frozen food factories. It could produce many kinds of cones, suitable to contain ice cream. The machine is easy to operate, with high efficiency.

Operation Steps of wafer ice cream cone making machine

Set 200℃ for Upper and lower mold.

Prepare the mixture and put it into the feeding machine.

After about 30mins, put the mixture into the lower mold.

Put down the upper mold.

After about 90 sec, pull the upper molds, open the lower mold.

Finally finished, cones will come out.

ice cream cone making machine capacity
commercial ice cream cone making machine


  • Quick Speed

The baking time is 1-2 minutes. So customers could produce large amounts ice cream cones with a short time.

  • Self Design

The logo could be carved on the cone mold.

We can design cone shapes according to the customer’s sample.

  • High Production

This commercial ice cream cone machine is easy to operate and clean, energy-saving, with low noise, and high capacity.

  • Different cone molds
various wafer cone shapes
various wafer cone shapes

Machine Parameter of commercial ice cream cone maker

ice cream cone machine parameter
ice cream cone machine parameter

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