What is the Waffle Cone Making Process?

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How is a waffle cone made? This is a question many people have. The waffle cone is called because the square lattice outside is very similar to the style of waffles. And many ice creams use this kind of cone. Because it tastes crispy. Even if the ice cream melts, it will not become soft.

Why does a waffle cone have a grid shape?

This is because the mold for making waffle cones is grid-shaped. The batter will be placed on the top of the grinding tool, and after forming, it will be a waffle cone with grid lines.

Waffle cone made by waffle cone making machine
waffle cone made by waffle cone making machine

The complete ice cream waffle cone making process

  1. Send to the oven
    Cover the panel before putting the batter into the tunnel oven. After being rolled up, we can see the side facing outward, and the inside is also made into a grid shape. This is a simple approach. Now many waffle cones have grids on both sides. And the authentic waffle cone baking line also has grids on both sides.
  2. Heating mold
  3. Roll the waffle into a cone
    After the plate above the batter is opened, the manipulator will send the baked waffles to the molding mold. To tell the truth, there are many ice cream cone molds on the market. But most manufacturers will choose conical mold.
  4. The final forming die will roll the waffles into a cone and then send them to the conveyor belt for arrangement


This is the complete waffle cone making process. If you want to know more about the waffle cone making machine, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.