Wafer biscuit cup machine manufacturer India

wafer biscuit cup machine

Wafer biscuit cup machine could process wafer cones for ice cream, teacup for cafe, and biscuit cones for snack shop. It is convenient for Indian ice cream businesses to use. And the biscuit cup machine is easy to operate and has a high capacity. We could also provide tailor-made service for large ice cream cone processing plants.

Introduction of wafer biscuit cup machine in India

Sweet ice cream cone-making machine mainly uses for making ice cream wafer cones, widely applied in various snack shops, such as restaurant equipment, cake room equipment, coffee shop equipment, bakery equipment, the western shop equipment, beverage shop equipment, frozen food factory equipment.

Commercial wafer ice cream cone maker is designed to make various cones. Our company ice cream cone maker machine design user-friendly, simple operation. This machine is divided into the upper and lower. Through operating the temperature control knob, the temperature will increase to a set degree. After pulling up the upper side and lower mold together, pour into pastes. And then on the molding under the mold close for about one or two minutes, the cone can shape. Pull up the upper side, under the mold opened, and the cone will automatically fall into the following and slide channel.

Features of wafer cup maker

Many different models for options, suitable for different business scales.


Machine material could be Regular or full SS (stainless steel).

The molds are exchangeable, with different molds, one machine could make different kinds of ice cream cones.

Molds: Various shapes or sizes, such as cone, torch shape, ox horn shape, flat base cup, two-flavor shape, etc. Or by customer-made.

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