Taizy New Ice Cream Cone Filling Machine Comes into Market

6000cups ice cream cup and cone filling machine

Do you have plans to seize the ice cream market before summer, but you have no way to start? Recently, Taizy Ice Cream Machinery, the leading provider of food processing and packaging solutions, launched an ice cream cone filling machine specially designed for small and medium-sized food manufacturers to help you. The characteristics of low investment and low operating cost provide opportunities for new manufacturers to join this highly competitive market. And manufacturers with ice cream production lines can also obtain more flexible and efficient production and operational performance through upgrading.

Why replace the ice cream cone filling machine?

From the perspective of the ice cream market, the trend of highly industrialized production is becoming more and more significant. In emerging markets, new producers and small-scale manufacturers are constantly pouring in. Therefore, ice cream enterprises also pay more attention to cost and seek efficient production solutions. They have higher requirements for production speed as well as ice cream packaging machine and spraying accuracy.

Ice cream cone filling machine
ice cream cone filling machine

Why do customers choose us?

Previously, the production capacity of models commonly used by many small and medium-sized customers was less than 10000 pieces per hour. For the fast-growing ice cream market, the ice cream cone packing machine launched by Taizy has increased its capacity to 18000 pieces per hour. At the same time, the filling machine can greatly reduce the waste of raw materials. It can be switched flexibly, quickly and conveniently between eggshells and cups of different designs, sizes, and shapes. This reduces the total cost of ownership for customers.

What are the advantages of Taizy ice cream filling machine?

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of food processing, Taize Machinery can provide customers with a wealth of soft ice cream machines, hard ice cream making equipment, and ice cream cone filling machine. And these machines have the lowest cost. And it can provide performance assurance solutions for different capacity and flexibility requirements. The biggest advantage of our machines is that we can minimize the overall operating cost by ensuring stable and high-quality products and minimizing waste of raw materials.