Intelligent touch screen sugar cone machine operation method

waffle cone machine
The new sugar cone machine adopts intelligent control screen operation, and the machine can be operated by a single person. Many customers have purchased the new sugar cone machine. But some customers don’t know how to operate after getting the machine. Here are some ways to operate the machine.

The sugar cone baking machine is used to make rolled sugar cone cakes. It can also make egg rolls, waffles, and other products. After the accumulation of technology and experience, we have developed a new type of automatic egg roll machine. The intelligent sugar cone making machine has the characteristics of high output, low energy consumption, non-sticking mold, and easy operation.

Since the new machine was produced, it has been unanimously welcomed by our customers. Many customers have placed orders with us to buy this sugar cone making machine. Some customers do not know how to operate this machine. The following is the operation method of this smart sugar cone machine.

Commercial waffle cone machine
Commercial Waffle Cone Machine

Intelligent sugar cone machine operation method

1. After you get the sugar cone machine, connect the shotcrete rod, the barrel, and the air compressor;

2. Use cold water to clean the heating mold;

3. Put the stove on the support frame and connect the ventilation duct;

4. Connect the power, start the electronic components to ignite the stove, and adjust the stove fire to a suitable size;

5. Turn the remote lever of the sugar cone making machine to heat the mold to about two hundred degrees;

6. Start the work button to open the mold, and use a brush to brush the mold with vegetable oil;

7. Pour the batter into the barrel, and the spray rod will automatically spray to the heating plate;

8. The upper and lower heating plates close and rotate around the central axis;

9. Wait until the heating plate circulates once, the batter on the first shotcrete mold is mature, and the upper heating plate is turned on;

10. Take out the pancake and form it, and then enter the cycle work.

The new sugar cone baking machine is simple to operate and convenient to use. It has multiple mold plates, and each heating plate can make different patterns. So you can have a machine to make six different shapes of cakes and roll them into sugar cones or waffle cones. The modified sugar cone machine takes into account customer requirements and greatly improves production efficiency. And the investment cost of the machine is low, so huge benefits can be obtained from it.