Ice Cream Rolled Sugar Cone Machine exported to Pakistan

sugar cone machine Pakistan

The rolled sugar cone machine could make egg roll, crispy cone, waffle cone, wafer biscuit, and other cones. The machine has a large capacity and customers could customize the patterns on the sugar cone. The crispy cones produced by this machine have many usages, like coffee cups, ice cream cones, egg roll snacks.

sugar cone machine delivered to Pakistan
sugar cone machine delivered to Pakistan

Information about rolled sugar cone machine Pakistan case

In September, we received a quotation from a customer of Pakistan about our ice cream rolled sugar cone machine. Since the ice cream sugar cone machine could make wafer biscuits, egg tarts, pizzelle cookies, pizza cones, wafer cones, and other cone shapes. We first inquired about the customer’s demands for the finished ice cream cone. After knowing that he has an ice cream cone plant, and he wanted to make crispy cones for sale. We recommended him a TZ-200 rolled sugar cone machine with a capacity of 1800-2400pcs/h.

ice cream crispy cone machine exported to Pakistan
ice cream crispy cone machine exported to Pakistan

In the process of communication about machine details with the customer, we inevitably encountered some questions about the crispy cone machine.

FAQ about ice cream crispy cone maker Pakistan

What is the heat method of rolled sugar cone machine?

Gas and electricity.

What is the gas consumption per hour?

4kg. It depends on the machine’s capacity.

What is the material of the bakeware?

Heat-resistant cast iron, a kind of insulation material with slow heat dissipation.

Can a company logo be added to the mold?

Yes. We can provide customized services.

Is there installation guidance?


Could the machine be sent to Pakistan?

Yes. We can export the machine to any country.

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