How Does the Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Work?

The ice cream cone making machine is the main equipment for producing ice cream cones of various shapes. Summer is coming, and it’s time for everyone to eat ice cream. Many people know how soft ice cream is made. But don’t know how the ice cream cone is produced. Here, we will introduce the working principle of the ice cream cone equipment.

Ice cream waffle cone maker
ice cream waffle cone maker

What is the workflow of the ice cream cone making machine?

The ice cream cone maker machine is easy to operate.

  1. The ice cream cones machine is divided into the upper mold and lower mold. The operator can control the temperature through the knob.
  2. Set the machine temperature. Then the machine starts to heat up. Then the upper die and the lower die are separated.
  3. Then the operator needs to pour the batter into the lower mold of the machine. We can get the cone-shaped ice cream cone in a minute or two.
  4. Finally, operate the machine to raise the upper die and open the lower die. Then the ice cream cone will automatically fall and slide out through the discharge port.

Working video of ice cream waffle cones making machine

Features of Taizy best ice cream cone maker

  1. The machine has a beautiful appearance.
  2. You can change different ice cream cone molds according to your preferences. One machine can make different kinds of ice cream cones.
  3. We can provide you with molds of various shapes or sizes, such as cones, torches, horns, flat bottom cones, flowers, etc.

If you need an ice cream cone machine for your soft serve ice cream, please feel free to contact us.