How to Use the Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker to Make Delicious Ice Cream?

How does a soft serve ice cream maker make ice cream? Some people say that ice cream is a wonderful food. Its sweet taste will bring people the feeling of love. At the same time, ice cream is also an irresistible delicacy for dessert lovers in hot summer.

The ice cream sold by fast-food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC belongs to the soft ice cream series. Similarly, in addition to soft ice cream, there is also hard ice cream
This kind of soft ice cream needs a professional soft serve ice cream making machine to make it. It is made of ice cream raw materials that are quickly sent through the compressor and mixing shaft in the soft-serve ice cream maker. Therefore, the taste of ice cream is closely related to the quality of the ice cream machine. Let me briefly introduce the use of the machine.

Soft ice cream making machine
soft ice cream making machine

Usage of soft serve ice cream maker

  1. Plugin the power and turn on the switch;
  2. Place the prepared ice cream slurry for half an hour and pour it into the bucket at the top of the ice cream;
  3. Press the auto key to start the machine and enter the automatic working mode. You can also press the cleaning key to clean the inside of the machine first, and then press the automatic key after mixing evenly;
  4. When the set temperature is reached, the machine will stop automatically;
  5. When taking ice cream, take an ice cream wafer cone and put it at the outlet under the outlet valve. Then press the discharge handle to squeeze out the ice cream. Then push back the handle to close;
  6. Finally, remember to turn off the switch and power supply.
Soft serve ice cream maker
soft serve ice cream maker

What is a fruit soft serve ice cream maker?

The fruit soft serve ice cream maker is made of fresh fruit. There is no need to add anything except fruit in the whole production process. Under the condition of no addition and no burden, it is made into ice cream by using physical and mechanical principles. This completely retains the cellulose and nutrients of the fruit. You just peel and freeze ripe bananas and other fruits and press them into the grinding mouth to make real natural ice cream.

Soft ice cream
soft ice cream

The operation mode of the fruit soft serve ice cream machine

  1. Freeze the fruit for 20 hours and let it thaw naturally for 10 minutes;
  2. Turn on the fruit soft serve ice cream machine switch and put the frozen fruit into the machine, so you can get a healthy dessert;
  3. The fruit has to be peeled, seeded and cut into pieces
  4. Do not move the machine during use, and do not use it continuously for 2 minutes at a time. Make ice cream for 2 minutes and rest for 1 minute before starting. Do not put the host into the water for cleaning, just wipe it with a cloth.

The above are two different ways of making softy ice cream. If you have any questions about fruit soft serve ice cream makers, you can contact us at any time.