How to make waffle basket for ice cream

ice cream waffle basket machine

Waffle basket is a variation of crispy egg cone and sugar cone, it is usually a regular or irregular bowl shape. It tastes crispy and has a unique taste when paired with ice cream, fruit, or other snacks. The waffle basket is made by a waffle basket making machine and forming machine.

How is the basket bowls making machine work?

The basket bowls machine also called an egg roll making machine. Because it can not only make flower bowl, sugar and waffle cone, it can also make egg rolls. The machine includes four parts: beater, grouting cylinder, baking host, and forming machine.

1.The beater is used to mix eggs, sugar, butter, flour, vanilla extract and other raw materials into batter evenly;

2.Grouting barrel is used to hold the batter and inject the batter onto the heating panel

3. The heating mainboard is the main part of the waffle basket making machine, which is used to heat the batter into pancakes. The waffle basket making machine’s heating method can be electric heating or gas heating. The number of heating plates is 6, 9, 12, 15, and more.

4. The forming machine is used to press the heated and mature pancakes into the shape of a basket bowl.

waffle basket forming machine
waffle basket forming machine

waffle basket forming machine
waffle basket forming machine

Please note that the egg roll making machine can only heat the batter into flat pancakes. The final molded shape needs to be formed by a molding machine. Therefore, the pattern of the heating plate can be customized. You can also buy one egg roll making machine and multiple forming machines to make egg rolls, basket bowls, sugar cones, and so on.

Egg roll making machine advantages

1. Automatic grouting, the basket bowls machine injects the same amount of dough.So the size, shape and thickness of each pancake are roughly the same;

2. Each group heating plates controll separately, when one heating plate has a problem, the other heating plates still can use;

3. The machine adopts PLC display screen control

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