How does the ice cream continuous freezer work?

ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers
The ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers tell you how the freezer machine works and what precautions should be taken during use.

It generally uses ice cream powder and other raw materials to make ice cream under the ice environment. Therefore, the production of ice cream usually requires a professional ice cream maker to complete. There are two types of ice cream-making machines, intermittent and continuous. Intermittent ice cream machines cannot meet the demand for continuous production. Therefore, many large ice cream manufacturers usually purchase continuous ice cream freezers to produce ice cream in large quantities. So how does the continuous ice cream freezer work? What are the precautions when using the continuous ice cream condenser? As the ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers, let us introduce you to the above questions.

Why do we need a continuous ice cream freezer?

The ice cream taste is closely related to the puffing rate. The excellent puffing rate can make the ice cream soft and smooth with a fine texture. Since the continuous ice cream freezer has components such as an airflow agent and an expansion valve, it can control the ice cream expansion rate. The expansion rate of the continuous ice cream freezer produced by ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers is as high as 100%. And it’s another big advantage is that the machine can realize the function of continuous discharging.

Ice cream
Ice Cream

How does the continuous ice cream maker work?

The continuous ice cream maker mainly composes of refrigeration system, compressor, valves and other devices. Continuous ice cream freezing machine is a key machine in ice cream production. Its function is to condense the processed ice cream raw materials under the action of refrigerant. Because the machine can pass in a certain amount of air, it can form a hard ice cream with a certain expansion rate and fine texture.

Continuous ice cream freezer manufacturers
Continuous Ice Cream Freezer Manufacturers

Ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers introduce the specific working process of the machine. First, ice cream raw materials and air enter the freezing bucket. It is cooled by a built-in compressor in the freezing barrel. The agitator in the freezing bucket mixes the air with the ice cream ingredients. The scraper on the mixer continuously scrapes the ice cream on the inner wall of the freezing bucket. Therefore, the ice cream continuously flows out from the discharge port.

Precautions for using continuous ice cream freezer

  • This ice cream freezing machine has certain requirements for refrigeration. The hydraulic pressure of the freezing machine should be guaranteed to ensure the refrigeration effect .
  • Before testing the machine, it should clean again the high and low pressure pipelines and filters to avoid residues of dirt.
  • It should guarantee all meters of the freezing machine in a normal use condition. In case of damage or malfunction, it should be replaced in time to avoid danger.
  • “Stars Moon Pump” is the heart of the ice cream freezing machine, so it is very important for the ice cream freezing machine. Ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers reminded that the gap between the two pumps still needs to be adjusted when using the machine for the first time. Too large or too small a gap will affect the service life of the pump and therefore affect the quality and output of ice cream.
  • The transmission system is also an important part of the continuous ice cream maker. For this part, pay attention to the tightness of the belt, the lubrication of the transmission part, the motor, and the scraper.
Ice cream produced by the continuous ice cream freezer
Ice Cream Produced By The Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

The above are some precautions put forward by ice cream continuous freezer manufacturers during use. Only by using and maintaining the machine correctly can it increase the service life of the machine and produce large-yield and delicious ice cream.