How to Choose Industrial Hard Ice Cream Maker in Philippines?

commercial hard ice cream machine

In recent years, hard ice cream has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. Therefore, many individuals and businesses want to buy industrial hard ice cream maker for greater economic benefits.

Hard ice cream
hard ice cream

Therefore, how to choose the right hard serve ice cream machine has become an important issue. Next, we will provide you with some practical suggestions.

How to choose a high quality hard ice cream maker in the Philippines?

  1. Choose an industrial hard ice cream maker that is easy to clean. In the long run, a machine that is easy to clean will save you more time. Taizy commercial hard ice cream making equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, which has the advantage of being easy to clean.
  2. Choose a machine that is easy to maintain.
  3. Choose a trustworthy brand. If you want to buy an industrial hard ice cream maker, you can first choose a local trusted brand to buy from. Secondly, you can choose Taizy machinery because we have more than ten years of experience in manufacturing ice cream equipment and export experience.
  4. Choose the right size machine. Before buying the machine you should confirm whether the size of the machine is suitable for your kitchen. Taizy Machinery has several models of hard serve ice cream machines for you to choose from, such as 0.53×0.5×0.7m, 0.525×0.49×0.64, 0.605×0.765×1.37, 0.605×0.765×1.37, 0.605×0.765×1.37 and 0.605x1x1x1.37m.
Industrial hard ice cream maker
industrial hard ice cream maker


To conclude, if you want to buy an industrial hard ice cream maker, you need to consider the quality of the machine, the size, and many other factors. Taizy offers a variety of machines with different sizes and capacities for you to choose from. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.