Edible wafer cup maker waiting for delivery to New Zealand

edible wafer cup maker
The edible wafer cone machine can be used to produce biological explanations and edible wafer cups. Recently we exported two wafer cone machines to New Zealand

In recent years, a biodegradable and edible wafer cup has gradually replaced the traditional paper coffee cup and has become popular all over the world. An ice cream cone manufacturer from New Zealand seized this business opportunity and ordered two edible wafer cup makers from us. We produced the machines for him. Now, these two machines are waiting for shipment.

About the edible wafer cup

This edible wafer coffee cup originally came from the idea of a Bulgarian food company. The company produces biodegradable and edible wafer cups with the goal of providing a delicious and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hot and cold beverage cups and porcelain cups. Once the wafer cone cup launch, it received widespread attention and welcome. The product is not only popular in Bulgaria, but also attracts interest from companies in Europe, South America, and the Middle East. Therefore, the edible wafer cup maker is also welcomed in these countries and regions.

Edible wafer cup
Edible Wafer Cup

Details about the edible wafer cup maker order

In December 2019, Air New Zealand announced a plan to reduce waste in the sky. The plan stipulates the use of edible cups in airplanes and airlines’ airport lounges. The cone manufacturer from New Zealand noticed this plan. He quickly made up his mind to change the production plan to 70% edible wafer cups and 30% ordinary ice cream cones. He also launched a business plan to convert these wafer cups to New Zealand Airlines and Starbucks.

After formulating the production plan, he needed to add two additional wafer cone making machines to meet the production requirements. After learning about the edible wafer cup machine’s output, heating method, payment, and transportation methods in detail. He quickly placed an order with us.

The customer ordered two electric heating machines that can produce 40 wafer cones at a time. Now we have produced two machines, which are now waiting for delivery.

Edible wafer cup maker delivery picture
Edible Wafer Cup Maker Delivery Picture

Features of Taizy wafer cup machine

There are many models for edible wafer cup machines, and their production output can range from 50-1000pcs/h. We can customize molds to produce wafer cones of different shapes and sizes. We produce an electric heating and gas heating machine to meet different customers’ production requirements. In addition, we also supply automatic wafer cone machine and full-automatic wafer cone line.