Edible coffee & tea wafer cup machine manufacturer & supplier

edible coffee wafer cone machine supplier

Edible tea wafer cup machine supplier provides an automatic ice cream wafer cone production line. This plant could produce all types of wafer cups for use in ice cream shops, cafes, biscuit plants, bakery shops, and other food processing shops. This machine has a large capacity of 9000pcs/h and customers could also customize a production line of output meeting their demands.

Edible tea wafer cup machine structure

Batter depositor-molding part-conveyor belt-heating equipment-discharge.

edible tea wafer cup machine structure
edible tea wafer cup machine structure

Coffee cup machine processing steps

  • Injecting batter

The machine could inject uniform batter into the mold and there are several injection heads working together to increase the work efficiency.

  • Molding cup

The molding machine could make the batter into a cup shape and mature the cup. The finished products are uniform in color and shape. And the molding machine is made of aluminum alloy, which will not cause harmful substances to the wafer cup.

  • Discharging and organizing

The wafer cup will then output from the port and organize into rows.

  • About heating

The machine can heat through gas and electricity but for the consideration of cost, most consumers apply natural gas and liquefied gas.

Edible wafer cone application

  • coffee wafer cup
edible coffee wafer cup
edible coffee wafer cup
  • Tea wafer cup
edible tea wafer cup
edible tea wafer cup
  • ice cream wafer cone
ice cream cone
ice cream cone

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