Commercial wafer cone machine capacity

wafer cup making machine
There are many models of wafer cone machines, and the capacity of each model is different. How to choose a suitable wafer cone machine capacity for your own production?

Wafer cone machine is specially used to produce various ice cream wafer cups. The machine can produce different shapes and sizes’ wafer cone, we also can customize special mold according to customer’s requirement. For wafer cone machine capacity, we have different models. Therefore the commercial cone machine can suit different customer’s requirements.

Several capacities for wafer cone machine

According to the different production needs of customers, we produce several output machines for customers to choose from. So this machine is suitable for ice cream shops, cafes, restaurants, small ice cream cone manufacturers, and even medium-sized ice cream cone manufacturers.

According to the number of cones produced each time, we have divided them into the following models:

Baking heads2410122432404060
Capacity (pcs/h)50-60100-120250-300300-350600-800800-10001200-14001200-14002400-3000
wafer cone machine capacity

For example, the TZ-12 model has 12 production molds, so it can produce 12 cones each time. And each baking cycle is 1 to 2 minutes, so the production output is 300-350pcs/h.

Therefore, the larger the mold model, the larger the baking mold you have, and the greater its production output.

How to place an order for the wafer cone machine

The wafer cone making machine is also a molding machine, which can produce different shapes and sizes’ cones. Therefore, if you want to buy a wafer cone machine, you need to provide us with your final product and size, as well as the wafer cone machine capacity so that we can quote you.

If you are just starting to make ice cream cones and don’t know how to choose, we can provide you with the forms of products we often sell for your reference. If you have other questions, you can also contact us, we will answer your questions from a professional perspective.