40 Cups wafer cone machine running in Indonesia

Indonesia wafer cone machine

Due to Indonesia’s unique geographical location and hot climate, ice cream cone making machines are very popular in Indonesia. We have exported Indonesian cone making machines many times, and recently we have exported another 40cups wafer cone machine to Indonesia

Indonesian Cone Market Overview

Indonesia is known as a country of 10,000 islands, located in the tropical ocean. It faces the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. It is the largest archipelago country in the world. Due to its tropical climate and unique geographical location, ice cream has become one of Indonesia’s best-selling products. Relying on the popularity of ice cream, ice cream cones also have a large market in Indonesia.

ice cream cones
ice cream cones

Analysis of Indonesian cone market

When it comes to the sales data of ice cream cones, we should also mention the sales status of ice cream. According to survey analysis, in Indonesia, single ice cream is the most popular type of ice cream in Indonesia. In 2019, the sales share of single ice cream sold in convenience stores increased. The increase in sales share is due to the increase in the shelf space of the ice cream and frozen dessert refrigerator compartments in the Indonesian market and the entry of more major ice cream brands.

wafer ice cream cones
wafer ice cream cones

The increase in the share of ice cream sales is bound to drive the increase in sales of Indonesian ice cream cones.

For Indonesian customers, main features to buy our wafer cone machine

We have cooperated with many Indonesian wafer cone manufacturers. Recently we exported a 40cups wafer cone machine to Indonesia. For Indonesian customers, the main factors for buying our ice cream cones are:

1. Sweet wafer cone machine has high production efficiency, it can produce 40 cones each time;

2. The materials used in the machine meet the food safety and sanitation standards of the country where the customer is located;

3. The operation of the ice cream cone equipment is simple and the degree of automation is high. Only one person is required to operate during the production process.

4. The cost of the equipment is low, which can meet the production of small ice cream cone factories.

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