What is the Edible Tea Cups Making Process?

ediable wafer tea cup

The edible tea cup is made by a special edible tea cup machine. The edible tea cup is not only safe to eat, but also has the effect of heat insulation and waterproof. Do you know the process of making edible coffee cups? Next, we will give you a detailed introduction.

Edible tea cup machine
edible tea cup machine

How are edible cups made?

The complete edible cup making process is as follows. If you want to make edible tea cups, you need a suitable mold. Then install the mold on the edible tea cup making machine. Then the operator turns on the machine switch. It should be noted that the mold and core should be evenly coated with release oil before baking. This prevents adhesion. Then pour the batter into the mold for baking. This edible tea cup machine also has the function of automatic timing. When the baking time reaches the set temperature, the machine will automatically report the time. Then open the mold to get the shaped edible tea cup.

Why do customers choose our edible tea cup machine?

  1. The machine is easy to operate. The operator only needs to pour the batter into the mold and then close the mold. The machine will automatically heat until the product is formed.
  2. The operator can set the temperature and heating time of the machine.
  3. The heating time and temperature of the machine can be set as required
  4. Multiple machines for customers to choose from. Different edible tea cup machine can produce 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 edible tea cups at a time. Therefore, customers can choose the appropriate machine model according to their own needs.
Edible tea cup
edible tea cup