The development history of ice cream cone business

ice cream cones
With the development and change of current technology, the ice cream cone business is gradually changing.Tracing the development of ice cream cones, it came about by chance.

Today, cold ice cream and cones are a standard configuration for ice cream shop. The flavors of the two blend with each other and bring us the ultimate taste experience. Therefore, this has given birth to the rapid development of ice cream cone business, bringing huge business opportunities and generous rewards to cone manufacturers. Tracing the development of ice cream cones, it came about by chance.

Ice cream cone
Ice Cream Cone

How is the ice cream cone produced?

The production of ice cream cones can be traced back to 1904. At the Expo site in St. Louis, Mr. Ernest of Syria sold a Middle Eastern dessert called Zalabia. Near the same venue, Mr. Arnold sells ice cream. Before, Arnold used ordinary cups and saucers to serve ice cream.

Soon, he ran out of ordinary cups he brought. Ernest rolls the crepes into cones and gives them to Arnold. Arnold put the ice cream in a cone and sold it. Unexpectedly, this pancake ice cream is very popular. Since then, this edible ice cream cone has become popular.

Today’s ice cream cone business

Since the birth of ice cream cones, the style and shape of ice cream cones have gradually developed and formed the three most common forms today: sugar cones, waffle cones, and wafer cones. For all three ice cream cones, they can be large scale produced in commercial machines. Therefore, this has also spawned many manufacturers to produce ice cream cones.

For today’s ice cream cone business, there are various machines for making cones. There are semi-automatic ice cream cone making machines and fully automatic cone making machines. The semi-automatic ice cream cone making machine requires manual arrangement; while the automatic ice cream cone baking machine can complete the processes of automatic grouting, baking, forming, and arrangement. Whether it is semi-automatic or fully automatic machines, they greatly increase the production output.