How to Make Ice Cream in a Commercial Soft Serve Machine?

commercial soft serve ice cream machine

Read the machine’s manual

Start by familiarizing yourself with the specific instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Different machines may have slightly different requirements and procedures.

Prepare the ice cream mix

Commercial soft ice cream maker typically require a pre-made ice cream mix. You can purchase these mixes from suppliers that specialize in soft serve products. Follow the instructions provided with the mix to ensure the correct ratio of mix to water or milk.

Soft ice cream
soft ice cream

Pre-chill the mix

It’s important to pre-chill the ice cream mix before pouring it into the soft ice cream machine. This helps to maintain the proper consistency during the freezing process. Place the mix in a refrigerator and chill it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Clean and sanitize the machine

Before using the soft ice cream maker, make sure it is clean and sanitized according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This helps maintain hygiene and ensures the quality of your ice cream.

Pour the ice cream mix into the machine

Open the top or hopper of the soft ice cream maker and pour the pre-chilled ice cream mix into the designated reservoir. Be careful not to overfill it, as the mix will expand during the freezing process.

Soft ice cream maker
soft ice cream maker

Start the machine

Close the top or hopper of the machine and switch it on. The machine will begin freezing the mix and dispensing the ice cream.

Observe the freezing process

Pay attention to the freezing time specified by the manufacturer. As the ice cream mix is dispensed, it should gradually freeze and solidify. Monitor the consistency and adjust the settings if necessary to achieve the desired texture.

Dispense the ice cream

Once the ice cream reaches the desired consistency, use the machine’s lever or controls to dispense it into cones or cups. Practice controlling the flow and shape of the ice cream to create attractive swirls or patterns.

Soft ice cream making machine
soft ice cream making machine

Clean the machine regularly

After each use, follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer. This helps keep the soft ice cream maker in optimal condition and ensures the quality and safety of future batches.

Remember, it’s crucial to follow the specific guidelines provided by the manufacturer of your commercial soft serve ice cream making machine. These instructions will help you achieve the best results and maintain the machine’s performance.