How to fill ice cream cones?

ice cream cone filling machine
This rotary ice cream filling machine is used to package ice cream cones or cups. It is easy to operate and highly efficient. fill and cap.

Ice cream is the most popular food in summer for cooling. No one can deny the delicacy of ice cream. And the function of sugar cones is to enhance the taste of ice cream. These days, ice cream cones have been a feature of any ice cream shop. And there are various shapes of ice cream cones for people’s choice.

A waffle cone has a no-even top and a sharp bottom. The waffle cone can be made by an egg roll machine or form in an automatic egg cone production line. The wide side of the cone can add toppings, fruit slices, nuts, etc., and will not flow out.

A rotary ice cream filling machine is used to package ice cream into cones or cups. The rotary ice cream cup and cone filling machine can drop cups automatically, sort cups, fill, cap, and push cups. It is a highly efficient special-designed filling equipment for all types of cups. The rotary filling machine has a wide range of applications. And it is easy to operate.

Double row ice cream packaging machine
Double Row Ice Cream Cone Filling Machine

Operation steps of filling ice cream cones

The rotary ice cream cone filling machine can put cups into the rotary plate in a row or two rows.

One machine arm with tubes full of ice cream will fill the cups.

Another machine arm closes the cups.

And the cups will be pushed out of the filling operation plate.


The rotary ice cream cup filling machine has multiple functions. It combines filling, capping, and others.

It is easy to operate and can fill ice cream cones with one or two workers.

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