How Ice Cream is Packaged?

ice cream packing

Ice cream is a popular dessert made from cream, sugar, egg yolks, and a variety of flavored toppings. The process of making ice cream involves physicochemical principles, such as emulsification, crystallization, and air content.

The packaging of ice cream is also an important aspect as it not only maintains the quality and safety of the ice cream but also attracts consumers and reflects the brand image. Therefore, ice cream manufacturers are becoming more and more rigorous in their choice of ice cream filling equipment In recent years, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the diversification of consumer demand, ice cream packaging has also seen some new trends.

Ice cream filling equipment
ice cream filling equipment


A clear trend is the use of sustainable materials to replace traditional plastic or paper packaging. Ben & Jerry’s2, for example, has announced their goal of achieving 100% petroleum-based plastic-free packaging by 2025, with all packaging being reusable, compostable, or recyclable. They are exploring the use of biodegradable or renewable materials for boxes, cans, and sticks.


Another trend is the use of innovative designs to increase the functionality and appeal of ice cream packaging. For example, some brands are using transparent or translucent materials to showcase the ice cream itself or its internal structure. Choosing innovative ice cream filling equipment allows for a variety of ice cream forms. Some brands use color-changing or light-emitting materials to add visual interest or indicate product status. Others use edible or dissolvable materials to reduce waste or provide additional flavor.

Ice cream filling
ice cream filling


A final trend is to offer more personalized options to meet consumers’ different tastes and needs. For example, traditional one-liter packs are facing competition from smaller packs (up to 500 ml). This is because it allows consumers to try more variety or reduce waste. Taizy ice cream packaging machine can set their own packaging capacity according to demand. Some brands also offer customization services, allowing consumers to choose their favorite flavors, toppings, shapes, and patterns.


In short, ice cream packaging is a field that is constantly evolving and changing. And it is equally important for ice cream practitioners to choose efficient and powerful ice cream filling equipment.