How about the ice cream wafer cup making machine price

wafer cup making machine
The wafer cup making machine price is mainly affected by the output, the number of matching accessories and the mold.

The ice cream wafer cup making machine is specially used to produce various ice cream wafer cups. The machine can produce different shapes and sizes’ wafer cone, we also can customize special mold according to customer’s requirement. The machine has a variety of models to meet different customers’ production requirements. So, what is the wafer cup making machine price?

Ice cream cone making machine price factors:

  • Capacity

Considering different customers’ production requirement, we have developed a variety of capacity wafer cone making machines. The machine’s capacity range from 1200-6000pcs/h. So, it meets medium and large ice cream cone processing plants.

  • Matching accessories

The wafer cup making machine is an automatic machine. It has the functions of automatic grouting and forming. But, compare with the fully automatic ice cream wafer cup making machine, it does not have the function of automatically arranging the cones. For customers who want low investment costs but require relatively automation, we recommend that customers purchase grouting machines, automatic molding machines, and automatic arranging conveyor belts.

Batter barrel
Batter Barrel
Wafer cone arrangement table
Wafer Cone Arrangement Table

Therefore, the price of these accessories will also affect the price of the ice cream cone making machine.

  • Mold numbers

The ice cream cone machine is a machine that can change molds. It can make different shapes of ice cream cones by changing different molds. Therefore, many small and medium-sized factories, they will buy a molding host and several sets of molds with different shapes and sizes. In this way, they can obtain various ice cream cone shapes with relatively low investment cost.

Factors such as the wafer cup making machine capacity, the number of molds and the requirement for accessories affect the ice cream cone making machine’s price. If you want to know the ice cream cone machine price, please communicate with our business in detail about the mold shape, quantity, output, and other factors of the wafer cone making machine.