How is the continuous ice cream freezer price?

ice cream continuous freezer
Ice cream freezer price: it is suitable for large-scale ice cream production. And it can be used as a single machine or in a processing line.

The ice cream freezer is suitable for large-scale ice cream production. And it can be used as a single machine or in a processing line. With stainless steel structure, the machine can produce food safely.

The freezer mixes clean air with raw materials, stir and cool to discharge ideal ice cream products. And the finished ice cream product is emptied out of the pipeline through a pump. Customers could adjust the expansion rate of the machine to 100%. And the continuous ice cream freezer could discharge products in a batch every 15 minutes.

Since ice cream is popular in many regions of the world and ice cream production machines are easy to operate, there are a lot of demands for processing machines. So how is the ice cream freezer price?

Continuous ice cream making machine
Continuous Ice Cream Making Machine

Factors affecting the price of continuous ice cream freezer

Considering the market influence and production line, there are several significant elements about the price of the ice cream freezer.

Capacity of ice cream freezer

For a small ice cream freezer, it could produce 50L every hour. And for a large one, it could process 300-1200L per hour. Customers could also make a large output machine or processing line according to their demands. And the cost of a freezer machine or production is decided by the capacity.

Production line

A whole automatic ice cream waffle cone production line includes a batter injection, a mode device, a transport device, and a heating device. For those new in the ice cream production area, we could make a production line that includes the ice cream freezer and other machines, with a discount price.


The ice cream freezer mainly consists of an air filtration system, electrical system, freezing cylinder, refrigeration system, pump, and others. For a large production plant, some parts of the freezer machine may be easy to damage. So we could provide more sets for those wear parts at a cheap price.

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