Commercial Waffle Cone Making Machine Shipped to Canada

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The commercial waffle cone making machine is a machine for making ice cream cones. In August 2022, Canadian customer Chris bought an ice cream cone machine for his ice cream shop that can make 32 ice cream cones at the same time.

Commercial waffle cone making machine
commercial waffle cone making machine

The customer purchase process of ice cream cones machine

The customer sent the inquiry to us by email. The customer’s intention is also very clear. He said he wanted a high-yield ice cream waffle maker machine to help him. After learning about the customer’s needs, our salesman, Hedy, contacted Chris. And sent him the machine’s pictures, parameters, working video, and other information. Because the customer has also had experience purchasing machines in China before, the chat process between him and Hedy is very smooth. After negotiation, the customer paid us a deposit on Alibaba.

Waffle cone
waffle cone

How to use a commercial waffle cone making machine?

  1. Brush some oil on the upper and lower mold surfaces.
  2. Adjust the temperature control knob to heat the mold.
  3. When the temperature rises, pull up the mold and close the lower mold.
  4. Pour the liquid into the bottom mold.
  5. Combine the upper mold with the lower mold.
  6. Wait one or two minutes for the cone to form.

Shipment picture

By the way, this is just the information about one of the commercial waffle cone making machines. In addition, we sell automatic rolled waffle cone machines. Please feel free to contact us if you need.

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