Commercial Waffle Cone Maker Sold to Canada

waffle cone machine

Commercial waffle cone maker is a machine for the mass production of ice cream cones. In February 2022, Canadian customer Jackson purchased a brand-new rolled waffle cone machine from our company.

Why did the customer want to buy a commercial waffle cone maker?

In January 2022, we received an inquiry from Canada. The email indicated that he needed a commercial waffle cone machine and wanted to know the price of the machine. Our salesman Hedy contacted the customer as soon as he received the email. After a series of communication, we learned that the customer already had a commercial soft serve machine. In order to save more cost, he wanted to buy an ice cream cone machine to help him.

Commercial waffle cone maker
commercial waffle cone maker

Why did the customer choose us?

After learning the customer’s needs, Hedy recommended the machine with an output of 2500-3000pcs/h to the customer. But the customer said the price was too expensive.

Then Hedy recommended the commercial waffle cone maker with 1200-2400pcs/h to the customer. This type of machine is acceptable to the customer.

Because it was the first time buying a large machine from abroad, the customer was worried about encountering a scammer. In order to eliminate the customer’s doubts, we recommended the customer place the order directly on Alibaba. Because Alibaba can guarantee the rights and interests of customers to the maximum. Finally, the customer paid us through Alibaba.

Therefore, our professionalism and working philosophy of always thinking about our customers have gained his trust and made him choose us in the end.

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