Common questions about commercial waffle cone machine

waffle cone machine
We have exported commercial waffle cone machine to many countries and regions, such as Canada, the USA, etc.At the same time, we have encountered questions customer frequent asked.We will list some common questions to answer.

The commercial waffle cone machine can make crispy sugar cones and waffle cones. The machine also can produce waffle bowls, tubes cones, phoenix rolls, and other products. This machine has a wide range of applications.

We have exported this machine to Thailand, Morocco, Canada, the United States, and many other countries. During this period, we have encountered many questions from many customers about this machine. As a professional manufacturer of ice cream waffle cone machine, we will list some common questions and answer them.

Waffle cone machine
Waffle Cone Machine

Common questions for waffle cone machine

  • What is the heating temperature for ice cream cone machine?

A. The temperature range of the waffle cone machine is 0-200 degrees and can be adjusted, the temperature of making waffle cone is around 165 degrees.

  • How to control the thickness of the waffle cone?

A;The thickness of the cone is controlled by adjusting the amount of grouting. Generally, the thickness of the egg roll becomes thicker when the amount of grouting is large

  • Can you customize patterns for ice cream cone?

A: Yes, We can customize flat, checkered, stripes, or other patterns, you need to provide us with the pattern.

Waffle cone machine
waffle cone machine

A:Yes,we can change the voltage

  • What is the capacity for the machine?

A;We have different models to be choosed,6 heating plates,9heating plates,12heating plates,15 heating plates and more.

  • What is the heating method for the ice cream waffle cone machine?

A: Through our technological innovation, we have overcome the disadvantages of only electric heating before. Now we have two heating methods: electric heating and gas heating.

  • What is your machine warranty?

A:We supply one year warranty.

The crispy cone machine advantages

  1. This machine can inject batter automatically, and will not drip the batter on the workbench when injecting the batter, keeping the workbench clean and tidy
  2. The egg roll will not stick to the heating plate, so it is easy to take out
  3. The heating plate is grid-shaped to ensure uniform heating.
  4. This waffle cone machine uses independent heating, there will be no situation where one heating plate is damaged and the whole machine cannot work.
  5. The heating plates’ speed can be adjustable according to the customer’s production requirement.
  6. The egg roll made by the egg roll machine has a uniform thickness, constant weight, and even heating.
Commercial waffle cone machine
Commercial Waffle Cone Machine

We not only supply mature egg roll baking equipment, but we also supply forming equipment for basket cone, egg roll, waffle cone and sugar cone.