Commercial Ice Cream Waffle Cone Maker for Sale

waffle cone maker

How do we use a waffle cone maker for sale? The machine can make a crispy waffle cone containing ice cream. It has automatic injecting and baking operations. The amount of raw material injected can be flexibly adjusted according to product requirements. The injection amount is stable, and the egg cake is even and thin. The waffle cones produced by this machine are suitable for large, medium, and small food factories.

Advantages of semi-automatic pizzelle cake making machine

  • Automatic Operation of ice cream waffle cone maker for sale

The egg roll machine can automatically grout, open after mature, equipped with an automatic induction coil system. One worker can operate the machine. It is convenient and practical.

  • Intelligent Control System

High-temperature thermostat, digital screen, temperature control, uniform color cone. Single-mode temperature control.

  • Energy-saving

Increasing heat preservation cotton, saving energy and electricity. The machine thickening plate resistance to high temperature.

  • Multiple Waffle Cone Sizes

The egg roll size, the thickness can be debugging. It can do stripe, grid, flat cone of different lines. All kinds of grains, egg roll, corn millet/black rice, sorghum/purple potato/red bean sesame/banana/cone, etc.

  • Delicious Products

Low oil, low sugar. Sweet and not greasy, crispy. Suitable for young and old.

Number of Baking Plate69121518
Piece thickness(mm)0.5-40.5-40.5-40.5-4 
Piece Size(cm)7-207-207-207-207-20
Capacity (pcs/h)300400-600600-800800-10001000-1200
Power of Electric Heating (kw)1014.5192328
Gas Consumption (natural gas or LPG gas) 0.6m³/0.9kg 0.8m³/1.2kg1.1m³/1.6kg1.4m³/2kg

Factors to consider about ice cream waffle cone maker for sale

  • The number of baking plate

We can provide 6, 12, 18 plates egg roll machines.

  • Capacity

There are small 300-500kg/h waffle cone machines and large 1000-1200kg/h egg roll makers.

  • Production line

Since some new starters in the ice cream business may want to buy a waffle cone production plant or several key machines. like a filling machine, soft ice cream maker, or others. Customers need to consider the whole cost.

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