Commercial hard ice cream machine exported to the Philippines

hard ice cream machine deliver to Philippines
Commercial hard ice cream machines are popular because of their large output and low cost. Recently, we exported a hard ice cream machine to the Philippines.

Hard ice cream machines are very popular in the hot summer. The hard ice cream machine can mix the ice cream raw materials and freeze them quickly. Moreover, because of its fast production speed and large production output, it is widely welcomed by ice cream shops, restaurants, factories, etc. The hard ice cream machine occupies a small area and has a low cost. It does not take long to use it to quickly get investment money back. Therefore, the commercial hard ice cream machine is popular in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, and other regions. Recently, we exported a hard ice cream machine to the Philippines.

Commercial Hard Ice Cream Machine ship to Philippines Pictures

Commercial hard ice cream is the equipment used to mix ice cream raw materials and quickly refrigerate the raw materials into ice cream. Because the commercial hard ice cream machine is easy to operate, fast in cooling, and good informing effect. Moreover, the hard ice cream machine has a production capacity. Therefore, commercial hard ice cream machines are widely welcomed.

How does the hard ice cream machine work ?

It is very simple for operating the commercial hard ice cream machine. First, you need to mix the ice cream ingredients. Then put the ice cream raw material into the raw material tank. Under the action of the air milk pump, the raw materials and air are evenly mixed and enter the freezing cylinder. In the freezing cylinder, the milk mixture undergoes a certain degree of puffing, and the stirring gear stirs the milk mixture, and the milk mixture is rapidly cooled. When reaching the required viscosity and temperature, open the outlet, and the machine automatically conveys and extrudes the ice cream. In order to maintain the temperature of ice cream, ice cream can be placed in a freezer for freezing.

Why and how are Filipino customers buying hard ice cream machines?

A Filipino client runs a small ice cream shop. It occurs some problems with the old hard ice cream-making machine. And it would cost a lot of money to repair it. So he decided to buy a new hard ice cream machine. After searching, the customer found us and asked us in detail about the parameters, video, and price of the ice cream machine. Soon he placed an order with us.

After comparison, the Filipino customer finally bought a machine with an output of 28-32L/H. His local voltage is 220v, so we don’t have to change the voltage of the machine. If your local voltage is 110v, 340v, etc., we can provide you with the service of changing the voltage. Since the customer does not have a shipping agent, we searched for a reliable Chinese transportation company to transport the machine for the customer. For the customer, he only needs to wait for the machine to arrive at the port to pick up it at the port.

How about the hard ice cream machine price?

So what is the price of the hard ice cream machine? We cannot give you a detailed quotation here. Because this commercial hard ice cream machine has a variety of models and output. Different output machines have different prices. Moreover, we also provide matching equipment for hard ice cream. If you need to buy ancillary equipment such as hard ice cream machines and freezers, the prices are also different.

If you want to buy a hard ice cream machine like this Filipino customer, please continue with us. We will arrange a professional sales manager to send you machine parameters, videos, quotations, etc.

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