Automatic sugar cone making machine installed in Argentina

Argentina sugar cone machine
The sugar cone machine is a fully automatic all-in-one machine, which can automatically grouting, baking and forming. We installed a sugar cone baking machine in Argentina

The automatic sugar cone making machine is a tunnel ice cream cone baking machine, which can make waffle cones and sugar cones. The production line is an integrated machine for grouting, baking, and forming automatically. The sugar cone maker machine adopts intelligent PLC system operation, with compact structure and simple operation. The sugar cone integrated machine has a large production output and can meet mass production. So it is very suitable for large ice cream cone manufacturers. We have installed a sugar cone machine in Argentina.

Automatic sugar cone machine
Automatic Sugar Cone Machine

Argentina sugar cone integrated machine order details

This Argentine customer sent us an inquiry about an ice cream cone making machine in August 2019. After simple communication with the customer, we learned that the customer plans to build an ice cream cone factory. His aim is to mass-produce sugar cones and waffle cones. We introduced him to our semi-automatic sugar cone machine and sugar cone integrated machine. And then we sent the customer with pictures, videos, and parameter quotations of the two machines. The customer finally chose the sugar cone integrated machine and quickly placed an order with us. After that, we determined the voltage and transportation of the machine with him.

Sugar cone baking machine
Sugar Cone Baking Machine

Around Nov 2019, the shipping company ships the sugar cone machine from the port of Qingdao, China. The machine reached the customer’s destination port after more than a month. Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the customer’s machine can not install the cone machine in time. He didn’t install this ice cream cone machine until a month ago.

Argentina sugar cone production line installation site

Since our engineers can’t rush to the site, we video call the customer’s engineer. In this way, our engineer guides the customer’s engineer to debug and install the machine. Under the detailed guidance of our engineers, the Argentine customer commissioned and installed the sugar cone integrated machine and ran the machine.

Ice cream sugar cone machine
Ice Cream Sugar Cone Machine