Automatic ice cream sugar cone machine for sale

tunnel automatic one making machine

The automatic ice cream sugar cone baking machine is a kind of PLC-controlled cone production machine with high automation, high production efficiency, and stable performance. It can produce waffle cones of different shapes and customers could customize the sugar cone shape. The post is about the sugar cone machine for sale.

How is the work of ice cream suagr cone machine for sale?

  • The stirred dough is sent to the bottom of the baking plate by the blanking pump in a fixed amount. And the panel of the baking plate is automatically closed. The dough is shaped according to the set thickness of the dough.
  • Then the rotating wheel transfers the baking plate into an oven composed of upper and lower nozzles for baking. After baking, the batter has become a cake.
  • The manipulator accurately feeds the noodle cake into the rolling mold and rolls it into a finished product, and then sends the finished product out after demoulding.
total power3.37kw
LPG consumption7-8kg/h
food conveyor belt (m)L5xW0.65xH0.7
V-shaped storage table (m)L1.5xW0.45xH0.7
machine size (m)7.8×2.1×2
Weight (kg)4500
waffle cone machine for sale parameter
continuous sugar cone machine for sale
continuous sugar cone machine for sale

Advantages of the ice cream sugar cone baking machine

  • Intelligent control system

The PLC control panel is easy to operate and customers could set the roasting time and baking mode, making sure the best baking effect.

  • Multiple molds
  • A production line

The ice cream tunnel sugar cone machine matches with a mixer, V-shaped storage table, and a conveyor to form a waffle cone production line. This provides convenience for ice cream business starters.

  • Large capacity

This machine could produce 3500-7500PCS/H sugar cones, which could apply in a great plant.

  • Best after-sale service

We could provide a guide about machine installation and maintenance. For those wearing parts, we could provide a replacement service.

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