6000cups/h ice cream cup filling machine for sale

6000cups ice cream cup filling machine

This ice cream cup filling machine has could fill ice cream cups automatically. The largest capacity is 6000 cups per hour. And this machine has multiple functions, like filling jams, spraying nuts, pressing coves, etc. There are also single-row ice cream filling machine and double-row ice cream cup filling and sealing machines. The machine is a piece of ideal equipment in an ice cream processing plant.

Functions of ice cream cup filling machine

  • Automatically rotary filling.
  • Cover pressing.
  • Filling inside chocolate.

Fruit jam filling, adding nutlet.

  • Dropping cups

Round cup or square cup with required sizes.

  • Output cups
  • Pressing lid or heating sealing

The machine is allocated with 1 set of egg roll mold and 1 set of plastic cup mold.

ice cream cup filling machine for sale
ice cream cup filling machine for sale

Ice cream cup packaging machine spotlights

  1. The ice cream filling machine uses a rotary disk so it is accurate for fixing position and not to worry about the error.
  2. Return accuracy is decided by the worm and cam gear which with small gap/ durable life/low sound.
  3. It is fixed with two filling devices and the fulling fancy height can be up to 70mm.
  4. It is combined with more working units in order to make it has more expansion functions.
  5. The overall layout of the machine is reasonable, small in size, beautiful in appearance, and reliable in performance and quality. It is modern domestic and international equipment.
  6. This machine has the common characteristics of plastic cups and ice cream cones.
  7. It is convenient to replace products, easy to operate, flexible to adjust, easy to maintain, and easy to clean.
  8. Multi-color ice cream and multiple ingredients can be filled at the same time. Such as: automatic peanut sprinkling, automatic filling jam, automatic filling chocolate (chocolate automatic temperature control).
  9. Automatic pneumatic capping, sealing, delivery of finished products, etc.
  10. Through the permutation and combination of various components, a variety of high-quality multi-flavor products are produced.
  11. The transmission part is treated with a special process, and the machine is made of stainless steel.

Note: Functions can be increased or decreased as required.

filling ice cream
filling ice cream

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