Why a South Africa customer order an ice cream cone-making machine twice?

عميل جنوب أفريقيا يطلب آلة صنع الآيس كريم مرة أخرى
Recently, we have exported an ice cream cone-making machine to South Africa. Why did the customer buy another machine from us twice?

In the hot summer, eating ice-cold ice cream has the effect of relieving heat and heat. As a container for ice cream, ice cream cones have increased demand in summer. It is very easy for making ice cream cones by using the ice cream cone-making machine. And the cones made by the machine have large output and consistent shapes. Therefore, many ice cream cone manufacturers usually use automated ice cream cone machines to make ice cream cones. Recently, a customer from South Africa placed an order with us for a second ice cream cone-making machine.

Details of South Africa ice cream cone making machine order

The South African customer bought a 24-head ice cream cone maker from us at the end of 2019 to make wafer cones. The customer received this machine in March and started to produce ice cream cones. Before, he produced ice cream cones on his own and used them in his ice cream shop. This year, he asked us again for 24 and 40 head ice cream cone machines’ quotation.

Ice cream making machine deliver to south africa
Ice Cream Making Machine Deliver To South Africa

He wants to buy an ice cream cone machine with the same or larger output to expand the production output. Therefore, he can apply the ice cream cones to his own ice cream shop and sell ice cream cones to other shops. After comparing the capacities and prices of the two machines in detail, he finally decided to buy a 40-head ice cream cone-making machine.

تجاري ice cream cone making machine capacity

Semi-automatic commercial ice cream cone machines have a variety of models and outputs. According to the number of ice cream cones produced in each batch, the ice cream cone-making machine has 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 24, 40, and other models. The more heads the cone machine has, the greater its output.

قدرة آلة صنع مخروط الآيس كريم
Ice Cream Cone Making Machine Capacity

Why did South African customers buy ice cream cone-making machines again?

When purchasing an ice cream cone machine for the first time, the customer found three or four ice cream cone manufacturers for detailed comparison. Because this South African customer bought the large machine in China for the first time, he bought the machine very carefully. The customer compared the machine’s price, material, accessories, warranty period, after-sales service, and other factors in detail. When other factors were similar, he took a fancy to the two-year warranty and perfect after-sales service provided by Taizy.

South africa customer old ice cream cone maker
South Africa Customer Old Ice Cream Cone Maker

Although the machine manual contains detailed machine operation procedures, the customer still does not know how to use the machine. Our sales manager sent a detailed machine operation video to the customer at once. Through over one year of operation and use, it has been very proficient in operating the ice cream cone machine in South Africa. And during operation, the machine did not happen every problem. Therefore, when purchasing a large-capacity ice cream cone machine for the second time, the customer chose us first.

How to make a wafer ice cream cone?

It is very simple to make an ice cream cone with an ice cream cone maker. You first need to make the batter.

Multi ice cream cones made by the cone maker
Multi Ice Cream Cones Made By The Cone Maker
  1. Beat the egg whites with sugar on a hard cannon, and add the melted butter several times in small amounts.
  2. Then, sift in the flour and mix until there is no dry powder.
  3. Turn on the ice cream cone and preheat.
  4. After the machine is preheated, pour the prepared batter into the mold of the ice cream cone machine to form.
  5. After the standby device is heated, open the upper and lower molds of the machine to demold the ice cream cone.